Friday, January 20, 2012


Today, finally I will show you the gift I made for roommates and friends at Leadership.  I made one for each of my roommates and a few more for a few more friends that I met up with there.  I hope everyone liked them.  I was going to do something completely different, then had this idea and I'm so glad I went with this idea!!!  I made them using a variety of SU fabric.  After I made some with the Spice Cake fabric I was filled with panic!  It was in the mini catalog, it's not current anymore!!!!  But fortunately for me, it's on the carry over flyer and so it's still current-whew!!!!

I'm sure you're looking at them going, cute but what are they?  The flowers are little pins that you can stick to your clothes, a bag, an apron, etc.  The little frames are pin cushions!  Aren't they cute!!!!!?!  These little frame pin cushions are everywhere and catching on quick.  They're so easy to make!  I used the cardboard that came with the frame, trimmed it slightly. Stuck batting on the front, covered it with fabric and secured it on the back with a glue gun.  Just stick it back in the frame, stick the back of the frame on and you're done!  EASY!!! 

I have to say that my favorite is either the one with the Beau Chateau fabric or the ones with the Spice Cake fabric.  I love those fabrics, I love the other ones too, but I just love the patterns on the Beau Chateau and Spice Cake.  Each flower is finished off with either a button or Antique Brad. 

They're so cute!!  I wish I could have left them lined up on my desk forever.  They were so fun to look at!!!! 
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!!


Bobbi Miller said...

Ruth, these are really adorable! I'm usually not good with material, although I LOVE material. This is a great idea... thanks for sharing!

Marcie said...

These are adorable! What size frame did you use? Are they 2x3? I can't wait to make some!

Anonymous said...

I like the Beau Chateau since I got that one! Gorgeous!