Monday, July 27, 2015

Super Hero Fry Boxes

Over the weekend I attended Superhero Training Academy Craft Weekend.  Michelle asked if I'd be willing to help out...of course!  First on my 'to-do' list was these adorable fry boxes.  I believe the plan was to have these at our stations when we arrived (I'm writing this prior to the weekend).  She was going to put a different treat in each box.  How adorable!!! 
One one of the boxes everyone had their own initials.  Then we did a small banner on the middle box.  The last box has a Batman owl on it.  Which seriouly everyone needs!  The idea for the fry boxes came from here.
Since the theme of the weekend was Super heros I did lots of research on them.  Neither of my kids are all that into super heros...with the exception of Batman, but it has to be the 1960's batman with Adam West.  They love the old Batman TV shows, especially Megan.  They loved these little owls.  I'm not the first to do superhero owls.  If you search Pintrest for them you'll find a ton!  I have more superhero projects to share all week plus a wrap up of the weekend!
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Sliding Bee-Guest Blogger

I've asked my friend Kim to guest blog today.  You can see Kim's blog here I know you'll enjoy it!  Remember to follow me on my facebook page to keep up to date on all my activites at Superhero Academy this weekend!  Here's Kim:
So the other night I was doing some stamping and, as I often do, I texted a picture of the card I made to Ruth because I was pretty impressed with myself!  LOL  To my surprise, she asked me if I would type something up for her to share on her blog!  Now, if you don’t know me, one thing you should know about me is that I am Ruth’s complete and total STALKER!  Her talents BLOW ME AWAY and so I check her blog every single morning right at 6:00 a.m. (which is what time she posts, in case you didn’t know that little nugget).  Anyway … to be asked by Ruth to guest blog for her is a complete honor and I’m happy to do it!


The card I’m sharing was created for a co-worker named Barbara who often goes by “B” and, consequently, collects bees.  I wanted to make a bee-themed card.  I also wanted to play with making a slider card after seeing Ruth’s ice cream slider card which was SO CUTE!  I should say here that I have no idea HOW to make a slider card!  I just played with what I wanted the card to do and managed to make it work.  I will be attending a scrapbooking event with Ruth this weekend and I can’t wait to have here share some tips with me! 


In order to make the “Truth” part slide, I put a “track” on the back of the daffodil delight card stock using strips of the edges of dimensionals.  The card stock just sets right inside that track between the two strips of dimensionals so that it stays right where I want it.  (I’m sorry I don’t have pictures of that part ~ I didn’t know I would be sharing a blog post on this card.)  After I got the back part of the slider working properly, I realized the front part was just kind of “flopping” around.  I needed to secure it in some way, so that’s why I added the basic black scallop strips.  They are acting as a “track” on the front of the card to keep everything in place.  (I would have preferred NOT to have those black strips, but since I haven’t learned the magic from Ruth yet, I just had to make due ~ there is ALWAYS a way!)


As you can see, when you slide the “truth” sentiment out, it says “You can do it” behind the slider.  (Barbara is taking a brief leave from our office to be a substitute teacher, so the sentiment seemed appropriate.)  To finish the card off, I couldn’t resist stamping a little bee on the inside too.
Barbara received the card on Tuesday and LOVED IT!  (It’s so easy to impress when the card is interactive! ~ Note to self … perfect the art of slider cards ASAP!)


I hope you enjoyed today’s post.  Thanks for looking and THANK YOU, Ruth, for letting me guest blog!  It is an honor.


Until next time … here’s wishing you many creative adventures and a very blessed day!
Stamp sets:       
Words of Truth
Honeycomb Hello (for the bee)
Basic Black and Daffodil Delight
Big Shot
Hexagon Hive Thinlit
Scallop Border Punch (retired)
7/8” Circle Scallop Punch
1” Circle Punch
Project Life Corner Punch
Memento Tuxedo Black

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Almost Time!!!

I spent a good part of Wednesday packing for Superhero Training Academy Craft Weekend!  I'm so excited!!!  It starts tomorrow afternoon!  I'm ready for a fun relaxing weekend of crafting and hanging out with friends!
I'm still taking a massive amount of stuff, but I think I'm getting better at this packing thing....or it was just easier because my room is organized.....who knows!!!  I have a special guest post tomorrow from my friend Kim and make sure to check next week for all the fun stuff I made prior to and for Superhero Weekend!  If you want to keep up to date on what's going on at Superhero Weekend 'Like' my Facebook Page  I'll be updating frequently! 
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

My Punch Classes

I had a couple people email me recently and in the past on how I set up my punch classes.  I've been doing punch art classes for a while, a few years and I used to just put all the punches on the table and let everyone do their own punching.  I don't do it that way anymore, for my punch art classes I pre-punch everything, more on that later though.  The tables are set up just like any one of my other classes.  There's a sample of the card and all my supplies are on each table for that card. 

Back to the pre-punched pieces.  After about 2 classes of putting the punches on the tables and letting my customers punched I changed my mind and looked for a better way.  Often I use the same punch for multiple cards in punch art (for example we used the 1.5" circle on every card this month!).  There were other reasons too, I was able to control how much paper was used so that I didn't waste much if any.  It saves lots of time, people don't have to keep passing punches around and waiting for that person to finish.  I found this way to work better for everyone.  So I spend more time prepping this class then a regular class because of all the punching prior to the class.  Once it's punched the pieces go in labled zip lock bags so I know what is what.  I have bags that say "Dog Head",  "Santa Body", etc.  Sounds morbid when I type it..... 
When I set up the class I dump the bags onto little labled plates that not only label what each piece is but how many you need of that piece.  I hope this helps out my customers as well as me. 
Like all my classes I hold them at my church.  I don't always get this nice big room, sometimes I get the space in the library, still a nice space just not as big.  Everyone makes 4 cards, they rotate tables.  If you have more questions on my classes, please let me know.  If you'd like to attend any I'd love to have you there!  My class schedule is below, please contact me to attend!

August 15, 2015, 9:30am
Pop Up Card Class!
Join me to make 4 fun pop up cards! Printed instructions will be provided so you can duplicate these pop up cards time and time again. This class is $20 or free with a $35 catalog order at the class. Last day to sign up for this class is August 7.
September 12, 2015, 9:30am
Birthday Card Stamp A Stack!
It’s my birthday month! It’s time to make some birthday cards!!! You’ll make 12 cards, 3 each of 4 designs. This class is $20 or free with a $35 catalog order at the class. Last day to sign up for this class is September 4.
October 17, 2015, 9:30am
Christmas Card Stamp A Stack!
It’s here!! You wait all year for this class!! 20 cards for $20!!! It’s the best deal around! You’ll make 20 Christmas Cards, 5 each of 4 designs. There will be an online sign up for this class. You must register online to attend this class. Look for the online sign up in September! Remember to sign up early space it limited!

November 7, 2015

December 12, 2015, 9:30am
Customer Appreciation Party!
Please join me to make 4 cards FREE! My gift to you! These cards will be quick and fun! Just the break you’ll need during all the hustle and bustle December brings! Orders appreciated but not required. Last day to register for this class is December 4.
 Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Punch Art Class Part 2

I have my other two punch art cards from my class to share with you today.  You probably notice on my punch art cards that there's not a lot of technique or accessories added on them.  It's mostly because these cards are really meant to focus on the adorable punch art.  I want my customers to leave the class thinking, "I can do that!" not frustrated that there's too many details or complicated techniques involved.  Birds are always a big hit with punch art, this little bird couldn't be easier!  The tree is just circles!  I was a card that inspired me to make this on pintrest but the link didn't work (don't you hate that!) so I can't link to the original creator. Here's the punched I used for this card: Triangle Punch, 1 1/2" Circle, 2" Circle, 1" Circle.  I also cannot stress enough how much a little sponging can add to your punch art creations.  The tree for example has depth because each circle is sponged with the coordinated Old Olive ink. 
Finally, a cat!  This cute kitty is simple and I love that it's looking out a window.  I was inspired by this card.  Here's the punches used: Triangle, 1 1/2" Circle, Word Window, XL Oval.
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Punch Art Class Part 1

On Saturday I had a punch art class.  I love these classes and I think my customers love them as much as I do!  I've never (at least I can't remember) a punch class where we didn't do a punch art dog.  It's getting really challenging now to find new dogs, because we've done so many other kinds.  This one I love and it's all mine, I made him up!!! :)  We stuck this fun little guy on the outside of a Mini Treat Bag.  So cute!!! 
There's a card on the inside that we stamped with the Watercolor Words set.  Here's the punches I used for him: 2.5" Circle, 2" Circle, 1" Circle, 3/4" Circle, 1/2" Circle, Fun Flower, Tree Builder.
Christmas in July anyone???? Isn't this Santa cute!!!!??!  I saw this card on Pintrest and LOVED this little guy.  I've had him 'pinned' for a while.  I decided it was time to finally make him.  He's super easy too here's the punches I used: Tree, 2 3/8" Scallop Circle, 1/2" Circle. 1 1/2" Circle, 1" Circle.  I used some googlie eyes to add to his character :)  I have the other two cards to share tomorrow.
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

Friday, July 17, 2015

S'more Fun!

S'more's are those classic summer time treats that everyone loves.  Why not make some cute gift packages and hand them out to your friends?!  These were so easy to make too!!!!  I used the 6x8 cello bags and put a graham cracker and a couple of chocolate bars and marshmallows in it.  I folded the top over and stapled it closed.  Then I cut some Chocolate Chip Cardstock at 2x6 and scored it down the center at 1".  Attach that to your bag.  I printed off the greeting "it's always s'more fun with you!" and cut it out and attached that to the Chocolate Chip CS.
The little s'more guy is super cute and super easy.  He's made with just two punches, Word Window and 1" Square.  Sponge the Crumb Cake and White pieces with Crumb Cake ink, especially on the marshmallow so it looks 'toasted'.  Add a little face and your done!  So cute and YUMMY!!!!!
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Sliding Ice Cream

I woke up on Sunday with this idea for a card in my head.  After a couple failed attempts I finally got it right!  The card by itself is a lovely card, the Dots for Days background stamp (I told you you'd see it a lot this week) is embossed with Iridecent Ice Embossing Powder so it's shiny and sparkly!  I love the scattered sequins on the card, but the truly adorable thing about this card is when you pull the little tab at the top.....

.....the ice cream starts to grow more and more scoops!!!!  Who doesn't want and endless ice cream cone!!!?!?! 
I ended up only putting on two extra scoops but you can add more!  My original idea was to have them all stacked behind the pink scoop and then they emerged from there.  When that didn't work out.  I realized it will be easier and just as cute to have them all pre-stacked and come up from behind the first layer of the card.  So I stuck down 3 scoops of ice cream and cut a slit in my card front.  There's another smaller slit behind the pink ice cream cone for the pull tab.
Starting from the bottom of the card base you slide you scoops in, pull tab first, so the scoops are behind the bottom of the card base but come up the slit to the top of the card base.  Remember that pull tab and that extra slit you cut? This is where you slide just the pull tab back under the card base through that slit.  The pull tab is only adhered to the chocolate scoop not the other two.  Attach a small horizontal piece of cardstock slightly larger then your first slit to the the bottom of your pull tab (under where it's adhered to the bottom scoop). This prevents your scoops from slidding out completely.  I did have to punch another pink scoop and attach it with Dimensionals over the first pink scoop so that before it's pulled out the scoop is over the top of the cone not behind it.  Stick your card front to your card base with Dimensionals, making sure none of the Dimensionals interfere with the sliding.  Then your ice cream should move up and down!  I hope all that makes sense :)  If not please feel free to leave a comment and I'll respond.
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Spinning Sheep

If there are 2 sets from the new catalog that have stole my heart one would be Dots For Days {best background EVER!} and probably Barnyard Babies.  I seem to reach for this set more and more and more.  The little animals are just tooooo stinking cute!  This card started out as like a counting sheep for bed card, but since I couldn't find a greeting that captured that element I turned it into a baby card.  Mostly because I really wanted to finish it, it was too cute not to finish!  The Circle Framelits are the real heros of this card.  I cut out two circles one in Pool Party and a smaller one in white.  Then I traced and cut the white circle out of some printer paper and folded it to find the center and to evenly quarter off my white circle without having to eyeball it.  That never works for me.  I stamped one sheep in each of the quarters. 
My vision on this card was the white piece turns, and the sheep just keep coming.  LOL!  It's super cute!!!  See where the counting sheep would have really been a cute card???  If anyone has a greeting suggestion for that card please comment and let me know, I'll make you a spinning sheep card if I use your greeting!  So stinkin cute!!  I could sit here spinning this card over and over again....oh wait I have done that.  I just gets cuter and cuter!!
The sheep are all colored the same.  I used my Blender Pens and Smoky Slate, Pool Party and Wild Wasabi Pads.  Super simple coloring.  To make the spinner card I used a brad, put through both the Pool Party and White layer.  The Pool Party Circle is slightly bigger and thats key to this card.  You want to adhere the Poop Party circle down along the edges (where it won't interfere with the white circle) with Dimensionals.  I cut mine so they were smaller and fit better.  Don't put any adhesive on the white circle and make sure it's not touching any adhesive and stick it to your card base.  The white circle will spin and the Pool Party will stay put.  So super cute!!!! 
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Paper Pieced Trailer

I'm really loving the You're Sublime stamp set.  I love all the images and all the puns.  When I first saw this little trailer I loved it and really wanted to paper piece it together!  For the card base though, this is a gate fold card so it opens in the middle.  on one side I kept it super simple, on the other I wanted to mirror the dots on the trailer so I pulled out my Dots For Days Background and I stamped it on one side.  Just a quick heads up, I, unknowingly, used the Dots For Days background on 3 of the cards this week......I didn't even realize it until I was taking the pictures.  I just love it and seem to reach for it a lot!  Back to this card though, for the trailer I stamped the image 6 times, once each on the Bohemian DSP, then on cardstock Melon Mambo, Island Indigo, Daffodil Delight, Blackberry Bliss and Basic Gray.  Then I went to work and fussy cut it all out.  I really don't mind the cutting.  I know some people hate to cut stuff out, I actually like it! I did use my xacto knife for the smaller parts like the window in the door and around the hitch. 
All the pieces that were cut out were glued onto the gray piece.  Once everything was down I covered all the gray outline parts with Crystal Effects.  Since these spaces are a little small I used a toothpick to put it in there.  This was a little crazy and time consuming but I love it.  It adds a nice shiny, glossy look to it.  I also brushed on (with a paint brush) some Crystal Effects on the windows, hubcap and the heart too.
Like I said this is a gate fold card so it opens from the center.  I love it!!
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!