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Saturday, July 5, 2014

His Wobbly Bottom

This card began a long time ago, probably months ago at my last punch art class, I have a friend who follows my blog and she asked if I could do cat punch art, or if I had any examples, something along those lines.  I know I've done cats in the past, but finding it is another issue, it's almost easier to make a new card, so month's later that's what I did!  It doesn't have a greeting, I will add something to it eventually.  But in my search for 'cat' cards, I was really searching for a funny cat pun to put on the card, I came across this card.  It was so cute, the layout was adorable and the idea behind it was so cute I had to make it!!
The card I was inspired by uses a stamped image, I thought, I COULD carve one, but no that's not going to happen, I'll just do it in punches!  So the little kitty, adorable as he is, peeks through the window on the front of the card, his bottom hangs on the inside.  His body and paws are just circle punches.  His ears are the triangle punch, I just rounded the tip.  His tail, inside of the ears and nose are just cut with my snips.   
The best part of the card, and SU if you're listening please, please, please, please, please (is that too many please's??) carry this product.  Now I'm a die hard SU purist, I rarely ever ever ever even go into the paper aisles in and big box craft store, why would I?  I have access to the BEST products on the market.....but I was in search of this product and forced myself to go.  They're little plastic springs, I put between the front of the cat and rear of the cat.  The spring makes his bottom wobbly. SHUT. THE. FRONT. DOOR. GET. OUT. OF. TOWN. THAT'S. TOO. CUTE!!! 
His bottom wobbles without touching it (I type the weirdest sentences!) but if you were to wiggle his tail his little bottom becomes a wobbly bottom.  So cute!!!  So again my plea to SU, please carry these!!  I have a million and one ideas that I need to make and I want to buy them from you so please, please, please carry them!!!!  This ends the begging portion of the blog post.....until tomorrow....
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!


Donna Baker said...

I wanted to share this blog with you , because you can make your own wobbles out of wire and cardstock. She has included a DIY video ... http://www.paperboutiquewithlinda.com/2010/12/using-action-wobble-springs-to-add.html

Anonymous said...

Hi Ruth -- Cute, cute cards. Would you share which store you found the springs at and maybe a picture of them, so I know what to look for. I would love to make some of these cards. Thanks Heidi

Heidi McDonough