Friday, July 29, 2011

Wisteria Friends

My last card in my Simply Beautiful week is a really pretty Wisteria card.  This card is simple and you could whip out a ton of these in no time!  I love the ruffled ribbon, I want some in EVERY color-not just every in color but EVERY color.  It's by far my favorite ribbon!!!  But we'll get to that later.  The flirtatious DSP is really the star of this card.  For the scallop border at the top, I just punched a few circles from my 11/4 circle punch and stuck them on the back of the DSP.  The ribbon hides where they join together. 
The greeting couldn't be easier, I stamped it and punched it out with the 1 1/4 circle punch, then layered it on the 1 3/8 and scallop circle punches.  Add a few pearls (or rhinestones) and you're done.  Super duper easy!!  You can get a better look at the ribbon from this picture.  If you haven't had a chance to get some of this ribbon you really must it's beautiful!!!!
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Simple Cherries

Button Buddies is one of the cutest, sweetest new sets in the catalog.  I loved it from the moment I saw it and every card I make I just love too!!  This card keeps in with the simple but beautiful theme this week.  There are some accessories, more than I've had on the past few cards, but they're kept simple and so it works.  First let's start with my favorite part of the card.  The ruffles.  Can you see them in the picture?  I just tore some Elegant Eggplant cardstock and then layered it over and over about a third of the way up the card.  I used a piece of Rose Red ribbon to hid the seam of the cardstock so it all just looks like one continuous piece of cardstock.  Doesn't it look cool.  It couldn't be easier and it looks amazing!!! 
The cherry is very simple, since I was going to use the buttons for the cherries the only thing you need to ink is the stem and the leaf, I used my marker for that.  Then I used my En Francais background in Baja Breeze for some dimesnsion-plus I love this background.  I stamped my greeting in Black.  Don't you just love this color combo, Rose Red, Elegant Eggplant and Baja Breeze?  I love it.  It was one of the suggestions in the color coach-a must have tool for ANY stamper!  To finish it I used a small thin piece of Rose Red CS and 'threaded' it through the buttons. Easy and pretty!!! 

Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


This is another one of my favorite simple cards.  One of the wonderful thing about Stampin' Up! products is the DSP is so beautiful it could be a card on it's own.  The DSP on this card really completes the card.  Plus this DSP is flocked on some of the patterns.  I love the 'fuzzy' feel to it, and this pattern is so pretty for an elegant card.  The rounded corners add to the elegance of the card as well. 
This card has no accessories, again!  I used the Designer Label punch to add a little interest on the top and bottom of the greeting.  On the greeting I used the Textured Jumbo Wheel to add some dimension to it.  If you changed the greeting on this card it would be a fantastic wedding card or bridal shower card. 
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Notes and Birds

This card is my favorite of all the cards I'm showing you this week.  I'm doing a week of simple but beautiful cards and I hope you agree with me and that you love this card too!!  Plus there's not one accessory on this card.  So hard to believe but it's true, not a single accessory.  But there's still a lot going on with this card.  This card was inspired by one of my uplines swaps from convention.  This is my version of it.  I wanted to do a monochromatic card, I always love the elegance of a monochromatic card.  So I used Very Vanilla and Soft Suede (my new favorite brown) with a little Crumb Cake thrown in. The first thing I did was punch 3 of the lace ribbon borders.  I used the Textured Jumbo Wheel and rolled over them a few times to give them a little texture and help them 'pop' off the card,  without that little added color they seemed to blend in too much.   Then using my Tombow glue I layered them over each other along the bottom.   

For the bird, I stamped him in Soft Suede then used some Crumb Cake ink and stamped very lightly some other images (bird cage, eggs, etc) in the background.  It's a little hard to pick up from the picture but in person the collaged look just makes this card so stunning!  I stamped my greeting in Early Espresso, to keep with the brown theme.  I added a little scallop border to the top and bottom of the cardstock.  For the final touch, I took a strip of Soft Suede cardstock and used my bone folder to break down the fibers, then gently tore it apart.  This leaves you with a faux suede feeling cardstock.  So pretty.  You could also use ribbon but I love the look of the torn apart cardstock.  So that's it, another card that very doable and so pretty!!  I want to make a bunch of these and just keep them on hand when I need them.  I'm supposed to have a new oven delivered today and in true delivery style they gave me a block of time that they'll be showing up, I'm hoping for the earlier part of that block.  I'm hoping that I'll still be able to squeeze in some stamping time in between the waiting :) 
Thanks for looking, see you soon!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Simply Wonderful Simple Card

Can someone tell me where the weekends are going??  Did we loose hours sometime and I just don't know it?  I seem to have to worst time getting my Monday morning posts up.  I think it's just because I loose track over the weekend and before you know it it's Monday!  I have been stamping a lot the past few days and I'm so excited to show you what I've done.  The best part is they're simple, fast and beautiful!!  I think this week I'll show you all cards that are simple and can be made quickly but don't lack in creativity or beauty.  Like this one for example.  Calypso Coral is fast becoming my new favorite color.  I thought I was going to LOVE Wisteria Wonder (and I do) but I LOVE LOVE Calypso Coral!! 

This card couldn't be easier.  I used the lace border punch and the triple layer blossom punch.  Layer them together and even without the brads it's a beautiful card.  But you have to add a couple accessories right!?!  I love the new In Color brads!  They're so cute!!  I stamped the greeting and sponged around the edges a little and the card is done!  Easy peasey!!! And so pretty!!!

I have lots to do today and even more to do tomorrow, but I'll be back tomorrow (on time) with a beautiful, beautiful card!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Blossom Box Tutorial

I have a tutorial for you on how to put together the Blossom Box Die.  It's a little tricky but once you get the hang of it it's really simple and goes quickly.  This is a long tutorial there's lots of steps.  Someday, when I catch up with the 21 century, I'll get myself a video camera that works well, unlike my current one.  But until then it's a tutorial with step by step pictures. 

 First you'll need to cut 2 pieces from the die.  Make sure you run them through separately, you want to make sure your score lines are nice and pretty.  I've traced over all the score lines on my box so you can see all that you'll have to fold.  Then cut the tabs off of one side only, doesn't matter which side. 

 Line your box up and make sure that all the angles are pointing in the same direction.  In this case the angles are all going in a clockwise direction.  They can also go counter clockwise, just make sure both pieces are going in the same direction. 

 I've numbered the score lines and now that I'm seeing it on the screen it's a little small.  You should be able to click the picture and make it bigger.  All lines with a #1 on it will be a mountain fold.  The #2's will be valley folds. 

You'll do all the mountain folds first. The first folds you want to make are the 2 circles.  Pinch them, then use your bone folder to make really good creases. 

 Next will be all the straight lines that go from the niches around the edge of the box to the bottom half circle. Again pinch then use your bone folder.  The better your creases are the easier this box will go together. 

 For the valley folds, you'll fold all the angle the opposite direction.  Make sure these are really creased well, these tiny little corners are usually the reason your box isn't going together right. 

 Once all your folding is done, fold everything up, just like a fan (one in, one out, one in, one out...) At this point you should see half your box formed.  If it's not coming together go back to all your score lines, make sure they're folded well and check those tiny corners.  It's easier to fix it at this stage then later when it's all put together.  Once you have a nice half box do your other piece the same way. 

 Once they're both well folded, you'll put sticky strip on the side with the tabs on the tabs. 

 When you stick them together make sure you circle line up exactly and double check your angles make sure they're going in the same direction.  Remember you're using sticky strip so you really have to get it right the first time.

 Then the box will fold up easily, you'll need to start it like you did with the half boxes, one in, one out.......but at this point it should go together easily.  You'll need to help it around the edges with the sticky strip.

 Once it's together correctly I like to open and close it a couple times.  The more it's opened and closed the easier it is to re close it.  So if you open it and close it a couple times when you give it to the lucky recipient and they try to close it, it'll go together easily. 

Here's another one all jazzed up with ribbon and a tag.  I hope this tutorial was helpful.  I know I sure love this box. 

Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thanks Trio

I had a small accident with this card after it was done.  I mistakenly sprayed my Log Cabin Shimmer Spray, thinking I could control where it goes, well I should have known better.  I ended up spraying everything with the shimmer spray.  So after that little mishap and then spending 15 minutes of my stamping time, washing the walls, desk, camera, pens, etc I'm thinking of investing in the spray box.  I think it will come in handy :)  But even though this card happened to be in the line of spray I still like the way it turned out.  Even with the spray, and had I not told you, you might have thought that was supposed to be there.  This card was cased from a couple samples in the IB&C.  I love the new colors, I'm especially loving Calypso Coral.  There might be a bunch of cards with that color coming up soon ;)  Plus the incolors work so well together!!!

I have 2 favorite accessories on this card and if I were to recommend 2 accessories I think these are the 2 I'd recommend.  First the Ruffled Ribbon!!  I LOVE this ribbon.  I only wish it was available in more than just the new incolors.  Five colors isn't enough!!!  Next are the In Color Brads.  These polka dotted brads are the cutest thing ever!!!  I love them!!!  Of course I have many more recommendations but these two are two of my favorite!!!
Tomorrow I have a tutorial on how to build the Blossom Box.  See you then!!

Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Caution: Tearing Ahead...

I love the look of tearing, but I know there are stampers out there who don't like to tear for whatever reason.  I think it adds tons of dimension and makes the card look aged and I love it.  This card has tearing out the wazoo!  So much going on here :)  We'll just start from the top layer and work our way down.  For the bird I watercolored him with Baja Breeze and Island Indigo.  I tore the edges on the side and roughed them up a little.  The DSP (yep that's DSP that looks like notebook paper-so cool!!!) is torn too.  I also crumpled it up to give it some more texture. 

Finally the last layer is torn a little on the side.  When you tear, there's no rule that says that you have to tear the piece off.  I love the look of tearing it in the center or side of a page and gently roll the edges over.  It add so much to the look of the card.  Finally to finish the card.  I broke out my color spritzer tool.  This card sat on my desk for about 3 days.  When I first made it, I looked at it and thought 'Hmmm not really a fan of this card' then as the days went on and I kept looking at it, it grew on me and now I really like it.  There's something about the neutral colors and the blues and the tearing and textured paper that just kind of goes together :)
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Digital Studio Stamp a Stack!!!!

I'm so excited about this class. This one will be so much fun! I can't wait!!! I've turned into a My Digital Studio junkie. This class will be a Hybrid Card Stamp a Stack. All the cards will be pre printed through Stampin' Up! before the class. At the class you'll finish the cards with Stampin' Up! supplies; ribbons, brads, punches etc... You'll leave with 8 hybird My Digital Studio Cards. You'll want to make sure you're on time for the class. I'll be demonstrating on My Digital Studio how I made one of the cards. Then you'll finish the cards. There will be time for a Q and A on My Digital Studio at the class as well. This class will be so much fun. Also for guests at the class My Digital Studio will be discounted 15% the day of the class only!!! The rest of the detail are below. Because I'll be pre printing the supplies for this class the RSVP date is in only a couple of weeks so you don't have too much time to sign up. This class you must also pre pay for. I only ask for prepayment for stamp camps and stamp a stacks, just to make sure my supply costs are covered. I hope you can come, this class promises to be loads of fun and I'm so excited for it!!!  The picture is a sample of the cards we'll be making.  The card in the back is the printed version from Stampin' Up! and the card in the front is the hybrid verson that you'll make at the class!  Super Cool!!!!
  • When/Where: August 6 at 10am at St. John's Cathedral 318 Silver SW
  • Cost: This class is only $15. You'll leave with 8 cards with envelopes for less than $2 a card. You can't beat that!!
  • FREE gifts for EVERYONE!!!!
  • RSVP: You'll need to RSVP by July 26.
Space is limited and there's only 1 week to sign up so make sure you RSVP today for this awesome class!!!!

My Bitty Box

Want to know one of my favorite stamp sets in the new catalog????  The It's a Wrap Occasions set.  This stamp set is so cute and I LOVE how they wrap around the candies!  So stinkin' cute!!!!  But lets get to the packaging first.  This die is not new, but I don't use it much, I think it gets a little forgotten in the catalog with all the other dies.  This one is the Bitty Box Die.  It opens like a pizza box and when made it's just so cute!!! 
The DSP that I used is the Beyond the Garden pack.  This one is pretty, but really bright.  I often have trouble using the really bright patterns.  But when making a box like this it works perfectly.  For the belly band I used another strip of the DSP and then tied some ribbon around it (sorry I know that's retired ribbon, but it matched so well and I love it so much).  For the top of the box, I punched a window with the curly label punch and attached a window sheet on the inside.  This gives you a little sneak peak at the treats inside!

Now for the treats inside.  I used some Hershey Nuggets.  In case you don't know the Hershey Nuggets are the perfect size to wrap address labels around.  It was so brilliant of the Hershey company to design them like that for crafters like us :)  I stamped the 'wrap' right onto address labels.  Doing this saves me time and adhesive and I don't have to worry about them sticking.  I used the Daffodil Delight and Pacific Point markers to color the stamp then stamped it.  Don't you just love how everything coordinates.  I can't wait to make more little chocolates.  I especially can't wait until the Holiday Mini comes out......there will be some cute chocolaty projects!!!! ;)  Want a sneak peak too???  Sign up today for only $99 and get to see new products before they're released and even get to order them a month before they're released.  How cool is that??!!  Just one of the MANY perks of being a Stampin' Up! demonstrator! 

Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Blossom Box

I'm hoping things can start to get back to 'normal' this week.  The last 2 weeks my 2 sisters and their children have been in town, not all at once, though there were a couple days that overlapped.  But now everyone is home and I can finally stay home and get some work done!!  Or at least some stamping done :)  One of the things I always get excited to see in the new catalogs are new dies!!  I was so excited when I saw this Blossom Box die.  It's so stinkin' cute!!!  After LOTS of practice (this die has LOTS of folding) I finally got it and I've made 2 boxes that are just so adorable!!  My first box was kind of a disaster : /

This die is so cool you can push the tops down or leave them popped up.  Either way they look great.  With the tops pushed down the stack up so cute!  I made 2 of them.  After the disaster of my first box I decided not to use any new DSP.  It takes almost a whole sheet of DSP to make it.  So I just used some Certainly Celery from the Subtles DSP stack. Once I got it down then I moved to some new DSP.  The other box is from the Mocha Morning DSP and I wasn't sure it was going to work, the black is flocked, it's awesome!!!  But it did work-Yay!!! 

Stampin' Up! recommends that you use DSP when assembling the boxes and I have to say that that does work best.  There's so much folding and our cardstock would be really tough to do all those intricate folds.  But I'm gonna still try.  I'm not expecting great results.  I think the boxes look amazing with DSP anyway.  You could always add ribbon or other embellishments to jazz them up more.  I never got to that point, I was so excited about making them!  They would be so adorable lined up for a wedding, or even a bridal or baby shower.  So cute!!  I can't wait to make these for Christmas.  They're the prefect size for small gifts and wouldn't they be cute sticking out of a stocking or stacked neatly under the tree.  Well I'm getting wayyyy ahead of myself here.  Let's get through the rest of the summer first :)

Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Friendly Flowers

As promised I did get my new stuff yesterday and I did make new projects with it and I did finish too late to take pictures.  So this post is a little late. This card is so cute though and there's a couple new products on here that I just LOVE!  When I first looked through the catalog the first stamp set that was added to my wishlist was Button Buddies!  I love that stamp set and figured the first card I would make would be with the pig but I pulled out the flowers and vase first instead, and couldn't be happier!!  I had to order some new buttons too.  So even though the Subtles buttons aren't new to the catalog, they're new to me :) I love putting the pearl in the center of them too! 

The other thing that I was so excited about getting is the new Stripes embossing folder.  It was sooooo much cooler than I thought it would be.  This might be my new all occasion/go to embossing folder (sorry polka dots).  It's so amazing!!  I loved it and didn't think I would love it this much :)  I have so many more new things to show you.  Including but not limited to, a new die, more stamp sets, ribbons, oh my. Sounds like I better start stamping!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

For You Flowers!

I have to start this post with saying that the pictures aren't great.  I was making this card late at night on Monday for a birthday breakfast on Tuesday morning.  So there was no time to wait for natural light to photograph it.  I don't like using the flash but this card was so pretty that I had to take a picture to show you!  I was inspired by this card from Split Coast Stampers.  There's lots of embossing on this card but that's part of the reason I love it.  The flower is stamped 4 times and then each layer is cut out.   

I used the new Flirtatious DSP on this card and new colors too, Lucky Limeade and Wisteria Wonder.  I sure am loving these colors.  There's a pearl in the center of the flower.  The bottom layer of the card is embossed with the Perfect Polka Dots Embossing Folder.  I often get asked how often I use my big shot and I think I use it on almost every single project.  I'm not sure how I use to paper craft without it.  My big shot is well used and VERY LOVED!!!  Today I'm expecting a shipment of Stampin' Up! stuff-I CAN'T WAIT!!!! 

Hopefully I'll have new stuff to show you tomorrow!!  Can't wait!!
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Logan's Ice Cream

This card is so cute and while I wish I could say I created the entire thing, Logan actually made it.  I cut and helped punch but Logan did this card by himself!!!  It looks so good too!!!  Logan made this for our friend Lisa.  We had a big birthday breakfast for her yesterday.  Logan used alot of my precut supplies for this card which made it easier to assemble.  He also uses glue stick since he doesn't quite have the hang of using SNAIL yet.  He'll get there.  But for now glue stick are perfect!

Logan layered his cone, which we put through the big shot, and yes Logan knows how to do the big shot by himself.  What a guy.  He put some crystal effects on the cherry and in the balloons on the greeting.  I did help him sponge the ice cream in White Craft ink, just to give it some depth.  Other than that this card was all him. What a great little stamper he's turning out to be :)
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Stamp Camp Highlights

Stamp Camp was Saturday and it was so much fun!  All the guests at stamp camp got to make 10 cards. All the demonstrators participating designed a card.  Here's the cards they got to make. 

Kay designed this one.  She used the new Flirtatious DSP on the side with some ribbon on it.  Cute!

This one is Corrina's.  This is one of the new hostess sets and I can't tell you how much I love that scalloped ribbon!!!

Malinda did this card.  It's a matchbook card and it uses another hostess set.  It's so cute in person.
This was the card that I designed.  I just love this hostess set and I think Wisteria Wonder is my favorite new incolor!

Amber did this one.  It's the same hostess set that Corrina used.  Amber also used the new Island Indigo in color.  So pretty.

Kathy did this card.  I love the cherries in this set and there's lots of new incolors used on this card. 
Kim R did this card.  A fun Christmas in July card.  The snowman set is new as well as the border punch next to the snowman.  I just love that punch.
I love this card.  This is Michelle's card.  It's so cute and so simple.  I LOVE IT!!!

This was Carmelita's card.  This doily set is just so pretty.  I love the extra butterfly on it too.  So pretty.
Last but not least this is Angela's card.  I love this card.  It uses lots of new incolors.  I love the look of it. 

Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

They're all here!

My nieces and nephews that is.  My two sister both have 3 children and over the weekend they were all visiting here together.  Talk about a full house.  With Megan and Logan thrown in the mix there were 8 kids, the oldest being 10 years old.  It was quite an adventure.  Saturday night we went to the church (my parents both work there so they own keys).  We put up the huge movie screen and had a pizza and movie night. Just like our own private movie theater.  My sister Joyce asked if I could plan a craft for all the kids to make when they were here.  So I had them all make bulletin boards. They came out really cute!! 
I used a lot of my retired paper for this project.  The kids didn't mind :)  I made Megan's and everyone else made their own...with a little help from the Mom's and Grandma.  The letters were all cut with the Simple Letter's Dies and the Big Shot. That was the bulk of my prep work, getting every one's name cut out.  I did all that ahead of time so that the kids would just have to arrange and glue, which worked out well.  They all choose their own ribbon color and their mom's brought pictures to put on  the boards.  I think they're adorable.  My Mom found some cute pens for the bottom too.

Here's everyone (except Megan who spent the craft time napping) with their completed board.  Yes that's my son who is hiding his face.  His excuse was that the sun was to bright. My explanation is that after a week of playing with his cousins he was just plain exhausted and needed a nap.  Stamp Camp was Saturday and I had a blast.  I now have an order of all new stuff that will hopefully be on it's way to me this week!!!  I can't wait to get my new stuff.  Tomorrow I'll show you the projects from stamp camp.  I of course took my camera but did I take even one picture NO!  I know Angela and Carmelita did so if you guys are reading it could you send me a couple pictures please :)

Thanks for looking see you soon!!!!