Monday, July 31, 2017


This card is really cute and I love it!!!  I totally was inspired and CASED this card by Rebecca.  Please check hers out, it's awesome!!!  To make my unipig, I hand drew the horn and the rainbow tail tied on to his little pig tail.  The greeting was stamped letter by letter with the Labeler Alphabet set (LOVE!!!)  On the inside.....

...the sentiment continues.  Super cute!!!  And really who doesn't want to be a unicorn!  Hello?!?! Super cute!!!

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Friday, July 28, 2017

Best Fishes

This was the last card that I made at craft weekend.  Nothing like starting with the last.  This was made because Kim's son (who was visiting) thought that this set looked challenging.  From first glance it's a pretty simple card.  The fish is in the water no big deal.  But then..... the card moves the water 'sloshes back and forth.  Really cute and fun!  This card was made nearly identical to the way this eyeball jar card was made last year so make sure you check that out for all the details.  I'll have more cards from the weekend next week so check back then.  Have a great weekend!

Thanks for looking, see you soon!!! 

Thursday, July 27, 2017

I Love Lucy!

Last week was our craft weekend.  I had so much fun!!!  This time the theme was I Love Lucy!  What a fun theme!  My downline Michelle hosts and organizes these amazing weekends and she graciously allows me to help even though I often don't feel like I'm much help.  But I love assisting her and helping her 'run the show'.  It's so much fun for me to be on the planning side and I'm so blessed and grateful for Michelle, not only for hosting these weekends but for imparting some of her infinite wisdom on me.  I could go on and on about how incredible Michelle is, and if you know her you know how incredible she is!!  But let's talk about the craft weekend! I have to give some photo credit to my friend Kim for some of the pictures.  I hijacked them from her Facebook page to use for this post LOL.  We always try to do a fun welcome when they arrive, this time there was a cute I Love Lucy mug, a super cute apron name tag (made by Kim!), a red pen, a notepad, an adorable TV agenda, some grid paper to work on and some fun red paper to use however you wanted.  Everything was so cute! 
 All throughout the weekend there are activities and games to play and do.  It's a good break from crafting just for a few minutes. None of the activities ever last more than 15 or 20 minutes but it's a good break to get up and stretch.  One of our activities this time was 'Crafters Cafe'.   

On each table was a paper with a question relating to the craft weekends.  We gave them about a minute at each table and they had to answer each question.  We got some great feedback we hope to apply to future weekends.  Also look how cute everyone is in their aprons.  Because the theme was I Love Lucy we asked people to wear an apron like Lucy would when working around the house.  So fun!!! 

At the end of Crafter's Cafe everyone got a little coffee cup filled with treats!  Aren't they cute!!  Michelle's downline (and mine!) Cindi made them .
Another fun activity was a fun relay race where teams had to carry cups on trays to their partners around a circle.  It was so much fun to watch, these ladies are all such awesome sports!
This task wasn't as easy as it looks.  Don't believe me, stack some cups on a tray and walk around your house to see!  After the race, the winning team, and the loosing teams all got red and white ThirtyOne bags.  What an amazing gift!

Michelle incorporates the help of her downline to pull this weekend off.  She gives everyone a job and everyone follows through to help out Michelle, after all she's a busy lady! As part of her team we all wear the same apron as added fun!  I'm so proud to say that because Michelle is my downline, all of these ladies are in my downline as well (well, Kim is an adoptee but love her like she's ours). I love this group of women and their amazing talents!  From left to right there's Nikki, Cindi, Vickie, Kim, Michelle, Me, Anne and Amanda. 
Our table groups are in groups of 7 and not to be outdone by the amazing group above these were my 7 tablemates.  We had so much fun, even if it did get a little rowdy at times LOL! 
Michelle goes all out for our Pajama Party on Saturday night.  This time was no different.  She makes a great Lucy!!  At the pajama party we also had an ice cream soda bar! So much fun!  Every detail is taken care of! 
No craft weekend is complete without a trip to the Applebee's next door for a drink.  Kim, Anne and I have made this a tradition and we wouldn't have a weekend without it.  This time we just had some yummy margaritas.  
It's always a rough start to the week after craft weekend.  It takes nearly as long to unpack as it did to pack up! But it's always nice to come home because I come home with soooooo much more than I left with!  Everyone is so generous and I get some pretty amazing gifts.  Not only from all of Michelle's planned activities but from all the amazing friends that I've met through craft weekend.  So that's a full wrap up of the weekend.  I actually only ended up with a few cards from the weekend but I'll share them over the next couple of days.  Thanks for enduring this long post!

Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Ruth's Tips and Techniques Summit

I'm so incredibly excited to announce my new event and one that I think will be my biggest and best yet! I hope you can join me for Ruth's Tips and Techniques Summit!  This event has been years in the making and I finally decided it was time to take the leap and do it!  I couldn't be more excited about it! 

Here's all the details:
When: Saturday, September 30, 2017 8:30am-3pm.  The event begins at with registration at 8:30am, there will be no assigned seats for this event.  If you want to sit with friends I recommend arriving early.  The live event begins promptly at 9am.  We plan to be done by 3pm but please plan for a few extra minutes in case our event goes over the time slightly.
Where: St. John's Cathedral, 318 Silver SW in downtown Albuquerque
What:  This will be a full day of teaching and training.  We'll have live demonstrations from 3 Stampin' Up! demonstrators, including myself.  We'll show fun techniques and lots of new products from the Holiday Catalog!  We have a combined total of over 30 years of experience with Stampin' Up! I'm so happy to announce that the one and only Shannon West from the Stampin' Up! home office will be joining us! In addition to the demonstrations and training you'll also receive:
  • A stamp set, Painted Harvest, valued at $20 from the new 2017 Holiday Catalog!
  • An Accessory pack filled with a variety of accessories for you to use on your make and takes and take home for future products!
  • 9 Make and Takes, including a full color instructions booklet!
  • Catered lunch so you don't have leave the fun! 
  • An exclusive summit bag that you can use over and over again! 
  • Prizes, snacks and more!!!
Cost: The cost for this event will be $70 paid via the link below.  All registration must go through the link below.  Space is limited sign up early to ensure your spot. LAST DAY TO RSVP IS AUGUST 31ST!

I hope you can join me at this amazing event!

Thanks for looking, see you soon!  

Rose Bath Salts Test Tubes

Michelle always asked her downline (and me because I love to help her out) at her craft weekends to do a final gift for everyone on the last day.  Michelle usually gives us colors but other than that it could be anything.  This time because it was an I Love Lucy themed weekend the colors were Real Red, White and Black.  I made some Rose Bath salts and since I had more test tubes I used those.  They're so cute!!
For the holder it's kind of a zig zag scored thing, based on the size of your test tube it could be different than mine.  I was inspired for mine from one that I found on Pintrest.  When I went to get the link it said that blog had been removed so I couldn't look it up and link here.  I will post the measurements for mine, but keep in mind if your test tube is bigger or smaller you may need to adjust.  2x6, on the 6 inch side score at 1, 2, 5, 6.  Punch a hole in your test in the 2nd and 4th rectangle.  I used a 3/4" circle punch for mine, use what best fits your test tube.  I'll have a full wrap up from Craft Weekend on my blog tomorrow!

Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Test Tube Seasoning

 At craft weekend I always make some fun gifts for my friends.  This time I packed up some homemade poultry seasoning in some test tubes and made some really cute boxes for them.  I wish I could take credit for these boxes but the idea was from Sam from Pootles.  Check out her blog for all the instructions.  I did modify mine slightly, I think my tubes were slightly smaller.  But I loved the idea and these boxes were so fun and quick to come together.  And the Foil Frenzy DSP-WOW!!!  IN LOVE!!!
The four sides of the box all fold up and around the test tube.  So cute!!!  I have another test tube project to share tomorrow so check back!

Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Thanks a Latte Shaker

When I get bored or just lazy I usually binge watch card making or baking videos on YouTube.  I watch a lot of baking videos...a lot of Cupcake Jemma.  I'm actually convinced that if/when I ever go to London I will have to go her bakery, it's now a must visit place for me because I want the cupcakes.  But I do watch a LOT of card making videos too and I came across one with a coffee cup shaker.  I thought it was so cute I had to make my own version of it!!  
There's a full window through the front of the card.  The front is made up from a couple window sheets and lots of gold and brown sequins.  The whipped cream on top is made with embossing paste.  I love that stuff!!!  I added all the details like the straw not only on the outside of the card.....
.....but on the inside too.  So when the card is fully closed it looks like a real cup of coffee because of the fun cup inside the card.  It's such a fun card and I had the best time making it!!  So next time you're bored or lazy or avoiding any kind of real work binge watch YouTube!!

Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Stamping With Tattoos

There was a lot of happy celebrations when I figured this technique out!  I was so excited, my world was about to change!!  I'm about to change yours too!  This all started because a brand new Container Store opened here.  I shopped the first day it was open (I was crazy!) I wanted some new desk organization so that was the plan.  I found some things I loved and brought them home...well my desk....for a few months....has been.....well...a complete disaster!  But my new containers forced me to clean my desk.  I found these Disney Tsum Tsum temporary tattoos that I had gotten around Easter (they were in a plastic Easter egg, I'm just guessing! Oh and yeah that's how long that corner of my desk has been a disaster-don't judge).  Well it was too late to use them for Easter so my first thought was well I can either give them to the kids or try to stick them to paper...would they stick to paper.......
There was lots of trial and error about what kind of paper and how would be the best way to adhere them etc.  Finally I came across a technique that worked.  When you put these tattoos on your body you use a wet towel and hold it for a few seconds.  That's key to sticking them to paper too.  I used watercolor paper because honestly our other papers just wouldn't have held up.  I sprayed my watercolor paper a couple of times with the spritzer, not so it was wet, just damp.  I placed the tattoo, image side down on the damp watercolor paper.  Then I placed a baby wipe over the tattoo and placed a few blocks on it, just to press it down.  I left it for about a minute. Took everything off until it was just the tattoo on the paper, I used my bone folder to give the back of the tattoo a good rub.  Then carefully peel off the backing, the tattoo stuck to the paper!!  My life was changed!!! 
There was a problem however, the tattoos are a little tacky on the paper, even after they dry and if you touched them they would pull up.  Well that wasn't going to work for me, so I needed a new solution.  They needed to be covered somehow.  I had some window sheets on my desk so decided to try to stick that down.  I covered the back of the Window Sheet with the Multi Purpose Adhesive Sheets, then stuck that down right over the watercolor paper with the tattoo on it.  Make sure you give it a good rub with the bone folder so that everything sticks to everything.  Boom!  Stamping with tattoos!!!  I'm so excited about this!!!  These little 3x3 cards I've left for my kids to find while I'm gone at craft weekend!  This is my last post for the week, but I'll be updating frequently on my Facebook page so make sure you check there over the weekend for lots of updates.  I'll be back Monday!

Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

You're The Best and Messy Watercoloring

I'm all about the quick cards this week as you can tell.  I'm finishing up my craft weekend preparing today and I leave tomorrow!!!  Can't wait!!!  So I'm working with minimal supplies here!  This card was so much fun to make and so simple!  I stamped the greeting on some Shimmery White cardstock then just did some quick messy watercoloring over it.  I got the cardstock wet and dropped in color.  That's pretty much it. The colors I used were Lemon Lime Twist, Berry Burst and Peekaboo Peach. 
After it dried I went in with some darker colors to add some layers of texture but it didn't need much help it already looked amazing!  I added a white heat embossed greeting, sequins and thread to the card and it was done!  Simple and fun!  My kind of card for sure!!!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

One Layer Tulips

I pulled out some minimal supplies for this card and decided to make a one layer card.  And I love it!!!  It's so simple but the white with the Crumb Cake is so stunning!!!!  I have to be honest I haven't pulled out my white craft ink in a really really long time!!!  It was pretty dry!  A little reinker and it was better.  I forgot how much I was missing not using it!!!  
The tulips are only stamped with the white pad and nothing else.  I let the first layer dry completely (I used my heat tool) then I stamped the second layer over.  I love the depth it gives.  So pretty!!!  I would love to make a whole set of darker colored cards with these white tulips on them!  For a little added interest I put my card in my paper cutter and scored a few lines around the edges to frame up the image on this one layer card.  Finally a Linen Thread bow to finish it off.  So pretty, so simple. 

Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Pieces and Patterns Bear

The Pieces and Patterns set is sooooo cute!!!  I'm so in love with all these cute little stamps!!!  I have lots of fun ideas to put them into action.  I just need the time!  Luckily this week is Craft Weekend!  I'm so excited!!!  These weekends are so much fun I can't wait!!  I'll start packing today.  My goal is to take very little.  I take so much stuff and then use a small fraction of it, this time I'm planning strategically and only taking what I need.....that's the plan anyway :)  But I hope to have lots to share after this weekend! 
I added some embossing paste to my card.  The bear is obviously the stand out image but he was looking a little plain in the corner by himself so I punched a circle out of a post it and covered him up.  Then I put my stencil over and spread some embossing paste over that.  I tinted the embossing paste ever so slightly with some crumb cake ink.  It's not white but it's not an over powering brown either.  It's a really cute card!

Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Message In A Bottle

When I saw this stamp set, this was the first card idea that came to mine.  LOL.  It's so funny!  The card came out so well!  I was so happy!!!  My goal was to make it look like the bottle was on a table or desk with some striped wall paper behind it.  I'm not sure if that's how it comes across but I love this card either way!  
For the table and the wall paper I used some ink some sponge daubers and post it tape to do some masking.  The greeting was hand done with the Labeler Alphabet.  I love the colors and all the fun details on this card! 

Thanks for looking, see you soon!!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Magical Mermaid

I love this new Magical Mermaid set!!  I had so much fun making this card!  The front of the card is vellum, which makes it a really fun ocean.  I added some color to the vellum with my ink pads and did a little stamping on them.  I used the White accents (minus the white backing) to add some drops or bubbles to the ocean.  
For the mermaid, I watercolored her using a Wink of Stella pen then I used my fine tip glue pen to cover her entire tail.  This gives a nice shiny, glossy look.  Because the front is vellum you can see everything from the inside, to hide the adhesive on the mermaid I fussy cut another mermaid and adhered it on the inside.  This is a really fun card.  I have sooooooooooooo many ideas for this mermaid.  I can't wait to put them all in action next week at Craft Weekend!!!!

Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Fabulous Flamingo

July's stamp set of the month is the Fabulous Flamingo set.  I love this set!!  I love the details in the flamingo and how realistic is is.  With just a couple of stamps it's so easy to create amazing cards!!!  
When you order this set in July, you get the supplies to make these three cards.  Including directions.  
This stamp is only featured in July and only through me. Who says flamingos have to be pink, I love that turquoise flamingo!!! 

Thanks for looking see you soon!!!!!

Monday, July 10, 2017

Heat It Up

I held a class over the weekend all on heat embossing and the many ways you can use it in your projects.  These are the 4 cards my guests got to make.  The first one focuses on heat embossing accessories.  If you don't have the right accessory or you want a metallic one, heat emboss it! We used some Versa Mark ink and some white doilies and made our own gold metallic doilies!  
Next up is embossing resist.  Such a fun technique.  We first clear embossed the Tree Rings background then ink over it with some sponge daubers the embossed areas resist the ink, leaving you with a fun background! 
Embossing with tape!  Embossing powder just needs a sticky surface.  Why not let the Tear Tape or other adhesive be that sticky surface.  We did a couple strips of tear tape and poured some Gold Embossing Powder over it and heated it up, for a beautiful striped look.
Finally we did some tone on tone heat embossing with Clear Powder.  This piggy card is so stinkin' cute!  I can't take credit for this one,  I was inspired and CASED this card by Kristine directly.

Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!

Friday, July 7, 2017

Kinda Eclectic In Powder Pink

The new Kinda Eclectic Bundle is one you need on your wishlist!  I didn't know I needed it until I got it.  I loved the unique framelits and knew I needed those but I wasn't sold on the stamp set.  I splurged for the bundle anyway and I'm so glad I did!!!  I love the stamps and the framlits are truly unique and fun!

There's a couple framelits in the set that only emboss and not cut like the leaves on the Powder Pink cardstock.  It adds a fun layer of dimension.  So if this bundle isn't on your wishlist make sure you add it! 

Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Slow Sloth

This sloth from the new Quirky Critters set is soooooo adorable!!!  I love him!!!!!  This card was a labor of love!!  That sloth is fussy cut!  Yes!  Fussy cut!  Plus not only is he fussy cut some of him was fussy cut with an xacto knife!  Whoa!  But he came out so cute it was definitely worth it!  I stamped him on some Shimmer White Cardstock and then colored him with some Blender Pens and Watercolor Pencils.  It's such a small area that the Blender Pens worked better than an aqua painter.    
He's popped up on some new Mini Dimensionals to add some extra dimension and boy are those mini dimensionals so much fun!  They're my new favorite, by far!!!!  I added some extra leaves on the branch with the Tree Builder punch.  All the critters in the set are so much fun, but I think this cute sloth is my favorite!

Thanks for looking, see you soon!!! 

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Final Color Challenges

I took a long, much needed blogging break over the long holiday weekend.  I happy to say I'm back and have lots to share!Every week in June I gave my downline a color challenge in our Facebook group.  I give them a color combo and they create cards with that combo. I have two weeks of color challenges to catch up on, the first challenges featured colors were Dapper Denim, Soft Suede, Tangerine Tango and Sahara Sand.  I never use Tangerine Tango so I was excited to see what people would make.  It's safe to say I'm inspired! This first card is Anne's card.  It's so pretty!!!  I just love that rose!!! 
Next is Kim S.  I don't have this new Climbing Orchid Bundle on my wishlist but this car makes me want it!!  It's so pretty! 
The next and last weeks color challenge colors were Lemon Lime Twist, Smoky Slate and Basic Black.  This first card is from Kim M and I'm so excited to say that she even mailed me this card.  As awesome as it looks here, it's so much better in person!  Thanks Kim!  I love it!!!  
Cindi made this one.  So fun!  Looks like a quilt!  I love this use of all those scraps you know we all save!  
This cute card is by Anne.  I love her fun coloring on this set.  This is the new Feathery Friends set that is a hostess only set.  What a fun one it is!!
Kim S did this one and I love the simplicity of it!  So simple but bold and fun!  To see all the amazing color challenge cards check them out here:
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3

Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!