Thursday, July 27, 2017

I Love Lucy!

Last week was our craft weekend.  I had so much fun!!!  This time the theme was I Love Lucy!  What a fun theme!  My downline Michelle hosts and organizes these amazing weekends and she graciously allows me to help even though I often don't feel like I'm much help.  But I love assisting her and helping her 'run the show'.  It's so much fun for me to be on the planning side and I'm so blessed and grateful for Michelle, not only for hosting these weekends but for imparting some of her infinite wisdom on me.  I could go on and on about how incredible Michelle is, and if you know her you know how incredible she is!!  But let's talk about the craft weekend! I have to give some photo credit to my friend Kim for some of the pictures.  I hijacked them from her Facebook page to use for this post LOL.  We always try to do a fun welcome when they arrive, this time there was a cute I Love Lucy mug, a super cute apron name tag (made by Kim!), a red pen, a notepad, an adorable TV agenda, some grid paper to work on and some fun red paper to use however you wanted.  Everything was so cute! 
 All throughout the weekend there are activities and games to play and do.  It's a good break from crafting just for a few minutes. None of the activities ever last more than 15 or 20 minutes but it's a good break to get up and stretch.  One of our activities this time was 'Crafters Cafe'.   

On each table was a paper with a question relating to the craft weekends.  We gave them about a minute at each table and they had to answer each question.  We got some great feedback we hope to apply to future weekends.  Also look how cute everyone is in their aprons.  Because the theme was I Love Lucy we asked people to wear an apron like Lucy would when working around the house.  So fun!!! 

At the end of Crafter's Cafe everyone got a little coffee cup filled with treats!  Aren't they cute!!  Michelle's downline (and mine!) Cindi made them .
Another fun activity was a fun relay race where teams had to carry cups on trays to their partners around a circle.  It was so much fun to watch, these ladies are all such awesome sports!
This task wasn't as easy as it looks.  Don't believe me, stack some cups on a tray and walk around your house to see!  After the race, the winning team, and the loosing teams all got red and white ThirtyOne bags.  What an amazing gift!

Michelle incorporates the help of her downline to pull this weekend off.  She gives everyone a job and everyone follows through to help out Michelle, after all she's a busy lady! As part of her team we all wear the same apron as added fun!  I'm so proud to say that because Michelle is my downline, all of these ladies are in my downline as well (well, Kim is an adoptee but love her like she's ours). I love this group of women and their amazing talents!  From left to right there's Nikki, Cindi, Vickie, Kim, Michelle, Me, Anne and Amanda. 
Our table groups are in groups of 7 and not to be outdone by the amazing group above these were my 7 tablemates.  We had so much fun, even if it did get a little rowdy at times LOL! 
Michelle goes all out for our Pajama Party on Saturday night.  This time was no different.  She makes a great Lucy!!  At the pajama party we also had an ice cream soda bar! So much fun!  Every detail is taken care of! 
No craft weekend is complete without a trip to the Applebee's next door for a drink.  Kim, Anne and I have made this a tradition and we wouldn't have a weekend without it.  This time we just had some yummy margaritas.  
It's always a rough start to the week after craft weekend.  It takes nearly as long to unpack as it did to pack up! But it's always nice to come home because I come home with soooooo much more than I left with!  Everyone is so generous and I get some pretty amazing gifts.  Not only from all of Michelle's planned activities but from all the amazing friends that I've met through craft weekend.  So that's a full wrap up of the weekend.  I actually only ended up with a few cards from the weekend but I'll share them over the next couple of days.  Thanks for enduring this long post!

Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

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