Thursday, July 20, 2017

Stamping With Tattoos

There was a lot of happy celebrations when I figured this technique out!  I was so excited, my world was about to change!!  I'm about to change yours too!  This all started because a brand new Container Store opened here.  I shopped the first day it was open (I was crazy!) I wanted some new desk organization so that was the plan.  I found some things I loved and brought them home...well my desk....for a few months....has been.....well...a complete disaster!  But my new containers forced me to clean my desk.  I found these Disney Tsum Tsum temporary tattoos that I had gotten around Easter (they were in a plastic Easter egg, I'm just guessing! Oh and yeah that's how long that corner of my desk has been a disaster-don't judge).  Well it was too late to use them for Easter so my first thought was well I can either give them to the kids or try to stick them to paper...would they stick to paper.......
There was lots of trial and error about what kind of paper and how would be the best way to adhere them etc.  Finally I came across a technique that worked.  When you put these tattoos on your body you use a wet towel and hold it for a few seconds.  That's key to sticking them to paper too.  I used watercolor paper because honestly our other papers just wouldn't have held up.  I sprayed my watercolor paper a couple of times with the spritzer, not so it was wet, just damp.  I placed the tattoo, image side down on the damp watercolor paper.  Then I placed a baby wipe over the tattoo and placed a few blocks on it, just to press it down.  I left it for about a minute. Took everything off until it was just the tattoo on the paper, I used my bone folder to give the back of the tattoo a good rub.  Then carefully peel off the backing, the tattoo stuck to the paper!!  My life was changed!!! 
There was a problem however, the tattoos are a little tacky on the paper, even after they dry and if you touched them they would pull up.  Well that wasn't going to work for me, so I needed a new solution.  They needed to be covered somehow.  I had some window sheets on my desk so decided to try to stick that down.  I covered the back of the Window Sheet with the Multi Purpose Adhesive Sheets, then stuck that down right over the watercolor paper with the tattoo on it.  Make sure you give it a good rub with the bone folder so that everything sticks to everything.  Boom!  Stamping with tattoos!!!  I'm so excited about this!!!  These little 3x3 cards I've left for my kids to find while I'm gone at craft weekend!  This is my last post for the week, but I'll be updating frequently on my Facebook page so make sure you check there over the weekend for lots of updates.  I'll be back Monday!

Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!

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