Thursday, July 24, 2014

Rainbow Of Hearts

I had a really tough choice on which card to put up today and which card to put up tomorrow.  I wanted to save my favorite for last.  This one and tomorrow's card (it's a good one!) were a tough choice for me.  In the end this card lost, but just barely!  But it's so cute it's still a winner!  If you've followed my blog all week, you know 3 things about what I associate rainbow cards with.  1) There must be glitter, I don't know why, but there must!  2) Hearts and rainbows apparently go well together 3) Black cardstock is like the glue that holds it all together.  Now tomorrows card will throw all these rules out the window-no glitter, no hearts, just a tiny bit of black.  But let's stay focused on this card.
For the hearts I pulled cardstock of the rainbow colors from my scraps.  I'm not going to name all the colors again, check out the last 3 posts for the colors I used.  I painted on some Dazzling Details onto the scrap pieces of cardstock.  I wanted the glitter-duh! and I wanted to compare the difference of the Dazzling Details painted on verses Crystal Effect and Dazzling Diamonds glitter painted on -which is my favorite.  The verdict, it worked ok, but I'm going to stick with my Crystal Effects and Dazzling Diamonds.  It painted on easier and more evenly the Dazzling Details which got a little clumpy in spots and didn't cover as evenly as I would have liked.  After you paint it and let it dry punch out all your hearts.  I did 3 in every color.  I used glue dots to attach them to the card.  It's easy and there's no drying time.  I finished the card with my greeting and some ribbon.  The hearts looked good but I wanted them to look more 'glossy' so I laid my card flat and carefully went over each heart with some Crystal Effects.  The glitter still shines through but you also get that beautiful glossy look and feel to them.  Set your card aside to dry. Done!  Love it!!! 
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!

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