Friday, July 18, 2014

Ahoy Matey!

Do you remember my Castle card?  Well it's still sitting on my desk because, well I just love to look at it :)  It makes me happy.  Then one day, Logan asked me to make him a castle.  Well I didn't think he really wanted a castle, especially a pink, especially one with rhinestones.  So it got me thinking what would I do for a boy??????  A pirate ship!  So this box card was born. 
I really wanted it to look like a ship, so I researched on Pintrest punch art ships.  I love getting ideas of how others have created ships.  I found this one.  I thought it would be perfect.  It had the right look that I was going for so I created it in my own way.  While I was making it I didn't click on the link to read more on her ship I just went from the picture so here's how I did it.  I cut a piece of cardstock the same side as the front of my card.  2.5x3.  I used my 2 inch circle punch and punched out lots of crescent shapes.  I started with the right side.  I marked the center of my cardstock and started gluing down the crescents (after they were heavily sponged).  I put the tip of each crescent along that marked line in the center.  I started from the bottom and worked my way up.  Then I did the left side the same way.  I randomly punched the crescent shapes some were thin some were thicker, so based on the size there's a few more 'planks' (whatever you would call them on left side).  It doesn't bother me so I'm good with it.  Finally have a thin piece of Early Espresso down the center to cover up the mess where they all come together.  I only did this on the front of the card.  I did consider doing the sides.  But I wasn't sure how this was going to look in the long run and really the front it all that needs to be done.  If I did it again, for a clean look, I may do the sides, but this was by far the most time consuming part of the card, I wasn't that eager to do it 2 more times. 
Instead for the sides I used my Crumb Cake and Early Espresso sponges and just sponged random ink spots on it.  This makes the sides of the ship look very worn by the sea.  Other things you could do, some black circles for cannons, maybe just some windows in the side????  You could also add a plank on the side, that would be cute!!  All good ideas for next time!!
As for the sails and flags I used the Moonlight DSP Stack.  I was going to add some 'pirates' on the ship but by the time I finished the wheel on the ship (which was the last thing I added and by the way is just the 1 inch and the 1.25 inch circle punches with strips of Daffodil Delight) I was already almost 90 minutes into this card.  While these cards come out wonderful, they're very time consuming.  Of course since this is my first ship, the second and any others I do would go much quicker since I'm not creating it from scratch.  But again since I was 90 minutes into the card I decided to forgo the pirate, this time :)  So let me know what you think.....I'm sure there will another ship in the near future, just writing down all these ideas gets me anxious to make another one.....maybe a whole fleet!!! 
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

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