Friday, July 25, 2014

The Final Rainbow

This will not be the final rainbow card I ever make, nope far from that just the last one of the week.  And quite possibly I saved my favorite for last.  I do love this one.  Especially in person, it's so bright and beautiful!!  And I'll let you in on a secret, this one was the fastest and easiest to make!  Shockingly this is my favorite and there's no glitter???? How did that happen!!!??!?  Let's walk through the process of how this was done.  First these are the supplies you'll need:  Watercolor Paper (you need watercolor paper-no substitutions!  It's the only paper that can withstand the amount of water your going to saturate the cardstock with), Reinkers in your rainbow colors (one last time for fun!  Real Red, Pumpkin Pie, Daffodil Delight, Old Olive, Tempting Turquoise and Rich Razzleberry), Aqua painter (or paintbrush), spray bottle filled with water and something to drop your reinkers onto (I used my largest acrylic block, you could also used a plate, a stamp case, anything really that can be cleaned and that the ink won't seep into. 
Drop one or two drops of every color of reinker onto whatever solid surface you've chosen, again I used an acrylic block.  Spray your watercolor paper with your spray bottle until it's pretty wet.  You don't want it swimming in water but you want it pretty wet, wet enough that your colors will blend together.    It's also probably a good idea to put a couple paper towels under your paper to catch all the extra water.  Then using your aqua painter (make sure your aqua painter is pretty wet too) pick up your first color of reinker and add it to your wet cardstock, you should immediately see the color start covering and bleeding all over your watercolor paper.  Work quickly and pick up your next color don't worry about cleaning your aqua painter the colors are all bleeding together anyway.  Keep going until you've reached the bottom and your last color.  If your colors aren't blending well, spray more water on your paper, if you have too much water use a dry paper towel and use it to gently pick up that color from your paper.  Once my colors looked good and I was happy I used my heat tool to quickly dry it.  You can let it air dry, but you also risk your colors bleeding more, the longer it's wet the more color bleeding that will take place.  It takes just a few seconds to dry it with the heat tool.  Finally after it was dry I thought it needed just a subtle bit of shine so I used the triangles from the new Dotty Angles set and stamped and embossed them in clear on the left side.  It's not a drastic look, but it adds just enough shine to the side of the card.  I embossed my greeting on Rich Razzleberry cardstock and finished the card with some bakers twine and a button.  I know this looks dramatic and super complicated but it's really not, it's so easy and so fun!!!  I have a really fun class tomorrow, I'll have all the projects on my blog next week! 
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

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