Monday, January 23, 2012

Fun With My Digital Studio

Today's post is a little strange.  I'll explain it the best that I can.  While I was gone, I left little gifts for Dan, Logan and Megan to open.  One each day.  The kids got toys and fun stuff like that, Logan got a couple paint sets and other crafty things.  Megan got some bath toys, etc.  Well the kids are easy, Dan was a little more complicated but I didn't want to leave him out, then I remembered these really cute gifts that I saw on Heather Summers blog.  She was doing a bunch of these gifts for her husband and I thought that would be perfect!!!  I link will take you to one of them but make sure to check her whole blog the other ideas are there too, they're so cute!!!  So one day in MDS I opened a scrapbook page and created with punches 5 tags, one for each day that I'll be gone.  I picked the 5 snacks that Dan would enjoy the most.  I printed it at home and cut them out and stuck them to the snacks.  I forgot to take a picture of the snacks, but I'll let you know what each of them was attached to.  From the top, clockwise there's "You O'FISHally have my heart" attached to a package of goldfish crackers.  Next is "I'm NUTS about you" put on a package of peanuts.  I printed another elephant on the bottom to cut out the peanut so that the elephant would be blue and the peanut would be brown.  Below that is "I SODA think you're cute" I think you can figure out what that was on.  Next on the bottom is "I'm so glad we can be CHEESY together"  I put that on a bag of Cheetos, which I'm sure Logan enjoyed too. Finally above that is "You stole a PIECE of my heart" attached to a box of reeces pieces (Dan's favorite candy).  
Things should be getting back to normal here today.  I'm so glad to be home!  I'm so excited to share what I learned.  
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

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