Wednesday, December 23, 2009

UPS Calling

So are you ready for Christmas? Not much longer now. I can't believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve! Logan and I are going to spend the day baking cookies for Santa! He's very excited. Last year was the first year he really understood who Santa is and we put cookies out on Christmas Eve and when he got up on Christmas morning, he didn't even look at the gifts under the tree or in his stocking, he was just more concerned about the cookies and milk being gone then gifts. After we finish baking the cookies I think we'll finally be ready for Christmas. Everything is wrapped and ready to go!

Ok are you ready for today's card. I think this is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE cards! When I saw this card on the very talented Marie's blog, I knew I had to make it!! He's just so adorable isn't he??? And as if he couldn't get better, he's made with punches!! I just love him, he looks just like my UPS guy too!!! He's kind of tall and skinny and has gray or graying hair. Looks just like him! And he's holding what is probably the best Christmas gift of all!

He's so adorable and I just love him!!! Make sure you check out Marie's blog, she also make a UPS girl and she's just as adorable as the boy one!!
I won't go into details about how I made him. You can find that all on Marie's blog.
Thanks for looking, see you tomorrow!!!


Blackwell Bunch said...

To funny for words,even Willie got a kick out of it.

Carmelita & Steven said...

OH man! This is AWESOME!! I'm glad Flower didn't see him, she probably would have started barking. But I love it. This was great Ruth. Thanks for sharing.