Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Party!

I'm so excited to show you all the great projects from our demonstrator Christmas party on Thursday. It's a long post but you won't want to miss any of it. Go grab some coffee, hot cocoa or tea and meet me back here for some amazing projects!!

Got it, great! We started the evening with yummy yummy food. We always do a potluck and everyone brings the yummiest food. Karen even brought a whole ham! After the food we opened our gifts. We draw numbers and open gifts in that order and you can choose to open a gift or steal someone's gift. But a gift can only be stolen 3 times then it's dead. So it's a lot of fun! Ready for some highlights?!

Here's Cathy with her grand-baby Madeline! Hi Cathy!!!! I'm so glad Cathy got a chance to come!
Ok onto the gifts!! I'm going to try to get all the names right with the gifts. I'm going completely on memory which isn't always reliable :) so let's hope I'm right! Oh and thanks to Barb for being my hand model for some for the gifts!
Here's what Karen did! Isn't it amazing! She used the decor element stencils and craft ink to do the apron! I love it!!!

This one was done by Kim 3. She's only been a demonstrator for a couple months ( I think) This is so pretty and would have looked great in my house. Those colors would match perfectly!

Corrina did this one and I just love it. The purple board (from Target) is magnetic and the letters are on magnets all cut with the big shot. It comes with a dry erase marker. So you can spell with the magnetic letters or you could use the marker! I just love it. Pam picked this one after I stole her gift (more on that later!). So she wanted to make sure no one else took hers so she 'marked' it as hers. Too funny. And she did get to keep it!

Barb made this it's a basket full of bath salts and other fun pampering things. Just what some of us need this time of year!!

Pam made this bracelet. That's our cardstock rolled into beads. How cleaver!! She was wearing a green one too. Love this!!

Mindy made this, it's a tin of candles and cookie cutters. The candles have eyelets and brads on them and the tin has our wonderful rubons! Very cute!

Michelle did this one. Poor Michelle is on crutches, hope you feel better soon Michelle!!! But she brought her daughter, home from college, to be her 'personal assistant'...hmmm wish I had one of those. I just love this idea! She used the calendar from the current mini catalog and did this. What a fantastic idea. I just may have to do this with my calender kit!

Kim did this one. It's a yummy basket with granola and a bunch of other stuff I can't remember right now. But also included is recipes to make everything in the basket. Great project.

This one was so cleaver, done by Carmelita! She found this thing at a hobby store, that's called make your own rubons and that's how she made the mugs with dasher on them. Isn't that just the best idea. I hope SU comes out with something like that some day. Plus she made the cool tin to keep them in!
Before I get to the project I got to keep and the project that I made here's just an example of our Decor Elements. Amber has so many around her house and they all look fantastic but I especially love this one!
Isn't it pretty and they look so great when they're up!

Ok here's the gift I got to bring home I was so excited!
Amber made this. You can use it as a jewelry hanger or display artwork on them. I went second and I opened Amber's, and I loved it instantly. Pam went a little later and stole it away from me! So I grabbed Karen's apron! Then Barb's gift was stolen, she got the apron and I stole back the board from Pam, sorry Pam! But then Pam got Corrina's awesome board so I think she was happy. Here's a close up of some of the things on the board.

Amber made the jewelry on there, with our pretties kit and filigree brads-AMAZING!!!

SU's statement of the heart.

Christmas card-lovely!
And finally I love SU!!! And I do!!!

Attached to the present was this beautiful ornament with the rubons.

I already have the board up in my stamp room just need to add some more projects to it! I'm sure that won't be too hard:)

And finally here's the gift I took. I just love this bag, it's made from the scallop square die for the big shot! Isn't it awesome!! I made one for me too, I couldn't bear to part with this and not have my own!! I actually have enough material to make a few more! I can't wait!!

I got this idea from Angie Juda. She's made a bunch of them and hers are fantastic! These are so easy to make and you can make them in just a couple hours, quick and easy!
As you can see I am blessed with the most amazing group of women for uplines, downlines and sidelines! I had the best time and I can't wait until next year. Maybe we should make this a twice a year party---Christmas in July anyone??
Thanks for looking, see you Monday!!

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All of those gifts look beautiful! Sounds like you all had a great time! Wish I could have been there. --Theresa Quintana