Thursday, December 24, 2009

Gift Giving

I'm so excited it's Christmas Eve. Logan is going to be a spider in the Christmas pageant at Church, he gets to bring Baby Jesus a Halo. In the story that they're doing (The Friendly Beasts), the spider weaves a halo above Jesus's head in the manger so Logan gets to walk down the aisle and bring the halo to him. There's also a cow bringing hay for a pillow, a sheep bringing wool for a blanket and a few more things. It should be really cute! Logan hasn't been in the pageant since he was Jesus 3 years ago. He was only 4 month's old then. He's excited too, hopefully he'll make it down the aisle with all the people there. It's easy to do in practice in an empty church, I think he'll be ok though. If we're allowed to take pictures I'll make sure and snap some to show you.

For today's project, I have the cutest purses to show you! At our demo Christmas Party last week, Amber got the purse I made and her daughters Jade and Ruby really liked it. So I came home and started working on purses for them! I made them smaller and used super girly fabric. And all together they took me 2 nap times. That's normally the only time I get to craft with a 3 year old so that's how I judge my projects. I spent one naptime, cutting the pieces with the big shot, ironing them and pinning them. Then the next day I sewed them. They each only took about 45 minutes to sew. The longest part is the cutting, ironing, and pinning. But they came out so cute!! And I dropped them off at their house yesterday, just in time for Christmas.

This one I used the Chocolate Chip grosgrain ribbon for the handle....

And this one I used Regal Rose ribbon.
Thanks for looking, see you tomorrow!

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