Friday, September 18, 2015

Celebrating 1900-Favorite Punch Art

I'm not gonna sugar coat this.  Picking a favorite punch art project was HARD.  There's so many to choose from!!!!  The thing with punch art, is sometimes it takes a long time and you become emotionally attached to your little creations.  Which is probably why I have a hard time giving away my punch art stuff.  So how on earth could I make this choice.  There's so many projects I love!  Like this little bear family birthday card for Dan in 2011.  Or what about when I won in Stampin' Up!'s card challenge in their monthly demonstrator magazine with this polka dot flower card.


But then there's the time I presented punch art at a Stampin' Up! event in 2011.  It was my first time presenting ever on a Stampin' Up! stage....well my only time presenting ever on a Stampin' Up! stage. I shared 8 different punch art animals, I did two posts on them you can check them out HERE and HERE.  

Then there's the card that I get the most emails and questions about of all time, this giraffe card from last year.  And someday maybe I will have it all together and make stacks of them and sell them on etsy. 

Then there's a couple of my more recent punch art works that are still some of my favorites.  Like my twirling ballerina bunny.  Or the little beaver with a bouquet of flowers.  I think it's his eyes that make him just so darn cute! 

But, then there's this guy.  This alligator from Sale a Bration in 2014.  HE is my favorite.  When I thought about all the punch art stuff I've done, before I even went back through all my posts, he was first to stick out in my mind.  He's my favorite :)  You can read all about the little alligator here in it's original post.  Did I mention your favorite?  If not please leave a comment and let me know what your favorite is.  I have had sooooo much fun looking back at all these projects!  I'm looking forward to celebrating that 2000th post!  I'll be back Monday with the cards from my class last weekend, and all new stuff next week.

Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!


Kim said...

I can't believe your special "toes" card from the last SBW didn't make the cut! LOL Actually, this was an awesome review of some of MY favorites of your punch art .... I think that tall giraffe may be my favorite. I see that card pinned by people on Pinterest all the time!

Bobbi Miller said...

Ruth if it was hard for you to pick..them it's double hard for us to pick. I have loved every single one you've made. I have to look for a Frozen themed card for a special little lady I know that is turning 2 next month. I thought you had an Olaf card once but she's in love with the song and the lead character. As for yours .well count me in as loving each and every one. You are definitely the Punch Art aQueen in my book!