Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Ballerina Bunny

Today begins the first of 2 days of bunnies.  I made 2 bunny cards at Craft in the City, then late one night there were baby bunnies.  I won't be sharing the baby bunnies.  I didn't bring any of them home to photograph.  Today though I have the cutest little card to share.  There's lots of things I would change on this card if I made it again.   I'll point out the mistakes as I see them, just so that if you recreate this card you don't have the same issues.  I don't think they're mistakes that draw away from the bunnies major cuteness just things I would consider changing in the future.  The bunny is really cute and actually pretty simple.  She is pretty big though, I think the finished card is 5x7, and she takes up most of the card.  I'll list the punches I used below.
The beauty of this card is that when you open it she spins.  It's simple to make her spin, before you close the card and put it in an envelope 'wind' her up.  Just give her a few spins then close the card.  When you open the card she'll spin to her little hearts desire.  So cute and fun!!!!!  To make the spinner you just need to cut a hole in your card base and then another piece cut the same size with the same hole in it.  Pull the twine tight on top and bottom and adhere it between the two layers.  Here's mistake number 1: I should have used a more translucent string, like fishing line, for the spinner. The white bakers twine is very noticeable, which isn't a horrible thing, it would just look better if it were hidden more.  Since this card wasn't planned, and just happened I didn't have any with me.
Mistake number 2: It wasn't until the entire body was put together that I realized that I should have used another oval for her back to hide the twine down her back.  I used 2 circles for the head, but it didn't occur to me to cover her back too.....{face palm} duh!  She was completely put together with the twine and everything when I flipped her over and noticed that baker's twine peeking out......I couldn't bear to spend another hour assembling the bunny again.  I tried to sponge the twine in Smoky slate to try to 'conceal' the twine better, it worked a little......next time I'll know better :)
Even with the mistakes I still love this card, it's crazy cute and one of my favorites from the weekend.  My little dancer bunny even inspired someone else to make the card.  Nichole's daughter, Amari, was there for a little while on the last day with Nichole.  I showed her my card and she made her own ballerina bunny card.  She did a great job too!!!  I hope she loves her card as much as I do!  So cute!!!!
Punches Used:
Ears: Oval and Word Window
Nose: Heart Border
Head: 1 3/4" Circle
Eyes: Small Oval and 1/2" Circle
Body: Oval Framelits (smallest one I think)
Arms: Small oval (retired)
Skirt: Scalloped Circle 
Legs and Shoes: Word Window
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!

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