Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Giant Take Out

Chinese take out is pretty big in the show Sex in the City that Craft in the City was modeled after so Michelle wanted some take out boxes for some gifts.  I made 2 sizes for her, I'll share one today and one tomorrow.  To make the take out boxes I searched Pintrest for some patterns. I found this site that had 3 different sizes.  I used the 'medium' size for the box tomorrow and the large size for this one.  The large was still a little too small so I enlarged it on a copy machine by 129% and that made it big enough.  This one was HUGE!  Massive!!! The finished box is 7x7! 

To make them I traced each piece on the pattern on a piece of poster board.  Then I hand cut all of them out.  They were easy to cut, they're all straight lines so it went quickly, well as quickly as 25 of them can go, but they were all cut out in a couple of afternoons.
Here's a better look of their size, compared to a tower of Washi Tape :)  I used Sticky Strip to put all the boxes together.  Because I needed 25 of them I did each step assembly style.  So I traced them all, then I cut them all out.  Then I added sticky strip to all of them, then finally I assembled them all.  Assembly style is really the best and quickest way to go when you're making lots of something.
Once 25 of them were assembled, storage then became an issue.  I needed to get them to Michelle and she needed a way to conceal them from her guests until it was time to give them out.  Lucky for me I was able to get some paper towel boxes from my church that fit 6 boxes per box perfectly.  Plus since there was only 1 large take out box in the last paper towel box I was also able to fit the smaller take out boxes (you'll see those tomorrow) and the purses.  Perfect!!!  Don't let this picture fool you, this stack of boxes is almost as tall as me, just a few inches shorter, by the way I'm 5 foot 6 inches tall :)
So what went in these boxes.  Everyone at the weekend was given the Alphabet Rotary Stamp.  AMAZING!! I'm so excited to have it and more excited that I was able to help Michelle out on this HUGE project!
Also in the boxes were these fortune cookies.  Michelle added the fortune and I made the cookies.  They're super easy to do with any size circle, I used the largest in the Circle Framelits.  You can search on Pintrest on how to make paper fortune cookies.  There's a ton of patterns out there.
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!!

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