Friday, March 13, 2015

Birthday Shaker

When I arrived at the scrapbook weekend a couple weeks ago, I got my station all set up and then I thought about what I wanted to work on.  For a little while I thought that I would spend the entire weekend with no inspiration or creativity.  Fortunately once others started to arrive so did my creativity, perhaps I just needed some company :)  This was the first card that I made at the weekend, while I thought my creativity was still escaping me.  I'll be honest, out of all the cards I made over the weekend, this is my least favorite, still fun and cute though.  I cut out the balloons from vellum then colored them with Blendabilities.  I tied some string on the bottom of them and assembled the rest of my shaker card. 
I went into the weekend, will plans to make lots of shaker cards.  I've really loved making them lately and I wanted to make a bunch.  I made one :)  Oh well there's always next time right!  For the greeting I embossed it on vellum and attached it.  I'll be back Monday with another scrapbook weekend project, then I'll take a break for a few days so I can share my cards and other fun things from my upcoming class!
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

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