Monday, March 9, 2015

Frog Prince

Today begins the many days (I don't know how many yet) of sharing my numerous, mostly punch art projects, from Scrapbook weekend.  They're not in any order but I will try to mix in the few non punch art items here and there.  Today's card is the only one I didn't bring home with me, I gave this card to Angela at the weekend.  I posted on Facebook what people wanted me to make.  There were a few suggestions, and Angela suggested I make Prince Charming for her.  Well after some thought I thought I'd go with a frog....who could be a prince.  I did a quick search on Pintrest for frog punch art.
My frog ended up as a mixture of a couple that I saw on Pintrest.  I knew I wanted big eyes.   I thought about making him with all circles but was worried that would look too much like a toad and not a frog.  I went with ovals instead.  This card was really quick.  I used the Oval framelits for his body, I think it was the smallest one, the rest of him is just the XL Oval punch (legs, tummy and head). Boho Blossom for his feet, and the small oval with a 1/2" circle for his eyes  That's it!  Super simple!  I just hand cut his crown.
You'll see me use lots of this A-MA-ZING rotary stamp in my punch art cards coming up.  Custom greetings and puns are no longer a problem for me!!!  I really love this thing!  It does take a little practice to learn and get use to using it but that's what scrap paper is for right?  I did use rulers to draw pencil lines on my cardstock so I could at least get the greetings mostly straight.... I learned I needed to do that the hard way :)  The pencil lines can easily be erased you'd never know they were there.  This is only day one, there's so many adorable things to share!  Keep checking back you won't be disappointed! 
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

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