Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cards: Round Two

Did you enjoy 'round one' of the cards?  I hope so and the feedback has been great.  I've received lots of emails and comments.  Thanks!!!  Here's round two!  The bird is my favorite of all of them. He's just so cute and you could make him in a million different colors to make any kind of bird in the world!  Remember to check out yesterday's post and Monday's post for more info on the cards and the box for the cards. 

So the bird is my favorite and he's super easy.  For his head I used the 1 3/8 circle punch.  His Neck is the word window.  His fluffy feathers on top of his head is the largest flower from the boho blossom punch.  His eye is the small oval.  For his beak I used the 5 petal flower punch, punch one petal then punch your 1 inch circle punch over it so that you have an 'opened' beak.  Too cute! 

The elephant is another one of my favorites.  He's so cute!!!  Make sure you sponge around the trunk in a darker color.  It makes the trunk more noticeable, otherwise the colors just blend together.  Isn't the little girl elephant so cute.  She looks so happy! 

The elephant is super duper easy, it's going to blow you mind!  His ears are the butterfly punch-I know-so simple!  His head is the 1 3/8 circle punch.  The neck is the word window.  The trunk is extra large oval punch.  To get the trunk shape, punch the oval punch once, get rid of that piece or save it for another project.  Then punch again around the oval you just punched, making sure to tilt your punch so that it's larger on one end and gets skinner on the other end.  You may have to play with it a couple times to make sure your trunk looks right.  I can't tell you how many trunks I punched preparing for regionals :) 

The monkey is next.  The whole time I was creating the monkey, I just kept thinking about my fellow stamper Carmelita.  She loves monkeys and I think her daughters bedroom has monkeys in it.  So I hope she liked my monkey!

He looks complicated but he's not, none of these are :)  For his ears I used the 1/2 inch circle and the small circle from the itty bitty punch pack.  For his neck, say it with me, the word window punch.  You'll never use a word window punch again without thinking about animal necks :) His head is the 1 3/8 inch circle punch in both colors, just offset them a little and make the bottoms flat.  His nose is the small oval punch. 

Now for our final animal.  We've done 8 and it's the perfect amount to stick in the box from Monday.  The last one is the giraffe.  This one really is my favorite, favorite, favorite one!  I love this little giraffe, he's so stinkin' cute!!!!!!

For the giraffe, you'll need to trim a few of the pieces, you can see how and which ones in the picture.  His nose is the small oval.  The spots are the 1/2 inch circle.  His head is the 1 1/4 inch circle punch.  For his horns I used the modern label punch.  Just the little ends of it.  His ears and neck are also with the modern label punch.  The word window was too skinny for the giraffe's neck but the modern label is perfect!! 
So that's my animals, that's what I presented.  I hope you enjoyed them either here on my blog or at regionals.  I was able to go into more detail here so I hope that if you were at regionals you got a chance to check them out here too.  But my highlights from regionals isn't over yet.  I still have a couple more things to show you tomorrow. 

Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!


Anonymous said...

Again, I'm FLOORED! These are so fantastic! I can't wait to get some stamping time so I can try them out! My little guy's class would love these little animals. And there's MORE TO COME TOMORROW!? I'll be sitting in front of my computer at 6:15 just waiting for your post to magically appear! Great job, Ruth! (your stalker)

Nancy Jo said...

These little guys are so cute! Amazing! Thanks for sharing.