Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Birthday Owls

You may have saw on my blog that yesterday was Megan's 1st birthday.  We began the day with her 1 year well check and 6 shots-OUCH! Plus a flu shot for Dan and myself.  I do want to mention that I didn't purposefully schedule her well check up ON her birthday.  I had it scheduled for this Friday but the office called and said the Dr would be gone and it had to be rescheduled, well this was the only day that worked.  So I did try not to have all those shots given to her on her actual birthday.  We did finish the day with some cake so it all works out, right?  But anyway this is the card I made for Megan for her birthday.  So cute! 

I saw this card, weeks ago, on Darlene's blog and I thought it was too cute not to make!  Mine not as complex as hers.  My tree is lacking the leaves and my eyes are just googlie eyes instead of the eyes that come with the punch.  But it's still cute!  I really *NEED* that wood grain background stamp too.  I used my color spritzer to add some depth to my tree but that wood grain stamp would have been perfect!!  Make sure you check out Darlene's blog, her card is just amazing!   

I do still love this card, it's still so cute!  When I make window cards like this I like to add a smaller 'card' in the card.  This way if you have a long message to write it doesn't show through the front.  This is also a good tip when you have multiple people signing a card, like at an office or school.  It just gives more room to write. 

Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

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