Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cards: Round One

Yesterday I showed you the box that the cards went in and today and tomorrow I'll be showing you the cards that go in that box.  So first up is the zebra.  I love all the animals. But I do have my favorites and the zebra is one of them.  In all the pictures you'll see both the girl and the boy card then I showed how to do them all.  All the bows on the girl cars were made with the white bakers twine that I dyed with Regal Rose Ink Refil and some water.  I put googlie eyes on all of them.  I love googlie eyes for little animals like this, it adds to their character!  

Here's how I did the zebra.  You'll be surprised how easy all of these animals are.  For his head and nose, I used the large oval punch, cut the top off.  His hair is the modern label punch, just part of it, you don't need all of it.  His ears and neck are also the modern label punch, trimmed-see picture.  The stripes are word window punch also trimmed.  Super duper easy.  All of the necks and bodies got trimmed after attaching them to the Crumb Cake 1 3/4 inch circle.   

Up next is the lion.  This one was one of the first ones I created and he was so simple to make!  Make sure you sponge around the edges of the scallop circles.  By sponging it you'll really make those scallops 'pop' and give it more dimension. 

The lions head is the 1 1/4 inch circle punch.  Ears and nose are the 1/2 inch circle punch.  For his nose, after I punched it I stuck it to the sticky part of a post it note then put it back through the 1/2 inch circle punch to get the oval shape.  You can trim it by hand too.  His mane is 3 scallop circles.   

The turtle is next.  I think the turtle was the most challenging animal.  His head didn't look right being round or oval so I had to kind of create my own shape for his head.  I also ran his shell through the big shot with the square lattice embossing folder to give it some texture. 

For his spots on his shell I used the 1/2 inch circle punch.  For his shell I used the 1 3/4 inch circle punch.  For his neck I used the word window.  I trimmed mine a little just so that it got thinner closer to his head, but that step isn't necessary.  For his head, I used the 1 3/8 inch circle punch then I put it back in through the large oval punch to round out his chin.  Then I curved the corners so they weren't so pointy. 

And finally for today, the cheetah.  He's so cute!  I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before but I got the inspiration for all of the animals from a baby quilt from a baby store. I saw it and used my cell phone camera to take pictures off all the animals.  So look everywhere for inspiration.  You never know when it will strike!

The picture makes the Daffodil Delight look green, but it's really yellow :)  For his head I used the 1 3/8 inch circle punch.  Ears 1/2 inch circle punch.  His nose is the small oval and the 1/2 inch circle punch.  His body is the large oval punch.  His spots are the large oval punch as well but I just used the tips of them.  I didn't want to use circles for his spots, so I thought the tips of the ovals would work great!  So that's it for round one.  Check back tomorrow for the rest of the animals :)

Thanks for looking, see you tomorrow!!


Anonymous said...

OMGosh, Ruth! You are just TOO STINKIN' CLEVER! I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these guys! I look at my punches and see circles and ovals and triangles, but certainly no animals in there! Amazing all the cute little guys you came up with! No wonder you're a published demo with a stalker and everything! I know ... I'm gushing .... I'm floored by these guys! FABULOUS! .... (from your stalker)

JKB said...

I am so glad to know that I have you bookmarked as a favorite, esp. after having attending the Albuquerque regionl when you demo-ed these!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Mary said...

too Cute!!! I have a customer who wants to do some punch art. Do you mind if I case these? If I do, I will give you credit.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ruth,

i am interested in making some baby cards, would it be ok if I used your baby animals has inspiration and changed the colours?