Monday, October 10, 2011

Photo Ornaments

I'm pretty excited about these ornaments.  They're soooo cute!  They're not hard either, which is always good!  We'll start with the one on the left.  This one I made one of the lolli medallions like I did here.  On top of that is my picture.  I did embellish my picture a little.  I used the decorative label punch to use on the top and bottom and added a brad on the top and bottom as well.  Then I ruffled Black Satin ribbon all around it.  It's so pretty in person.  I printed black and white pictures for both of these.  I just think they look so elegant a pretty.  For the second ornament I used the sweet treat cups.  I put Megan's picture on one side and Logan's picture on the other side.   

After they were glued together I ruffled Soft Suede Taffeta ribbon and stuck that on the side of the treat cups, then used some of the spice cake fabric and ruffled it around the edges of the cups.  It's so cute!!!  It's pretty durable too, so it will last for years.  When it's hanging on the tree it you'll be able to see both kiddos.  This was pretty easy, and a great class or workshop project.  Just make sure your pictures are printed small enough.  I used the 1 3/8 circle punch for these. 
We have just under 2 weeks until the Albuquerque regionals.  I have sooooooooooo much to do!!!!!  But I'm excited and can't wait.  I better get to work!!!

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