Monday, December 15, 2014

Happy Root Beer

I don't remember where this idea started, I know that I've seen it lots of times on Pintrest but this was the MOST adorable idea and I knew that I'd be doing this for a class. When my customers come to a class, usually I have some sort of 'thank you' gift.  Usually it's chocolate in a box, bag something cute.  Sometimes though I have a non-chocolate treat, it's rare but it happens sometimes.  I had a customer appreciation class over the weekend.  This is a free class that I do every December (check my blog tomorrow for the cards they made).  They make 4 cards, they're all very simple and don't take long to complete.  It's a fun break from the busy Decembers we've come to know.  These were the 'thank you' gifts I made for them.  They're way too cute!!

They couldn't be easier to make!  I used brown pipe cleaners for the antlers (you could use any colors for the antlers though).  I just twisted them around the top of the bottle then formed them a little so they looked, a little like antlers.  I found some red rhinestones at a big box store (you could also use red pom pom, red glitter, foam, really anything for the nose).  I used a glue gun to attach the eyes and noses.  So super easy!!  I made 20 of them in no time!
Then you attach a tag, I printed at home and used MDS to make the tag.  I cut them apart, added some bakers twine and tied it around the bottle.  So easy and fun.  The tag reads: "Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy Root Beer"  (PS sorry this photo is so dark I had to take pictures on my cell phone at the class since I had forgotton to do it prior!)  
I was able to get 12 tags per sheet.  I have an old, basic, super un-fancy printer, I hardly ever print anything at home, but I needed the tags in a hurry so I tried it, worked great to my surprise!  When you print from home in MDS I like to save my project as a PDF, then open it up and print as a PDF instead of straight from MDS.  I think it's just easier this way. 
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!

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