Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Chevron Thoughts

I have more embossing today, I told you I'm embossing everything!  This one is a little different and there were a few steps to get my desired look on this card.  It's pretty simple, there's no accessories on here, but I didn't think it needed any, the embossing really adds shine and texture that any accessory would bring.  The flowers are embossed, I really wanted embossed flowers because I knew I'd be stamping the Chevron Background over the flowers and I wanted the flowers to 'resist' the ink.  The easiest way to do that is embossing.  But I'm picky and really wanted my flowers in Mossy Meadow and Lost Lagoon, so I worked quickly and with clear embossing powder I used our classic ink and was able to emboss in the colors I wanted.  You need to work quickly when doing this though, I stamped and covered with embossing powder immediately.  Once the powder is on there, you don't need to work as quickly to heat it but you need to get the powder on them as quickly as you can.  I made 5 of these cards and stamp and powdered them all before heating and that worked fine. 
Once your flowers are embossed stamping the background couldn't be easier.  I used the Chevron Background and Smoky Slate ink.  I stamped the background twice on scrap paper before my project.  I really wanted a toned down gray and stamping off a couple of times is the easies way to achieve that look.  Another trend I'm loving lately, you may have noticed, is stamping and embossing my greetings on vellum and wrapping them around the card.  I've found this is the best way to add sentiments over images, plus I just LOVE vellum!  When you emboss on vellum hold your heat tool off to the side until it's really hot then melt the powder. Vellum can burn and scorch pretty quickly if you keep heat on it too long, heating up your heat tool off to the side prevents that.  My countdown to Christmas is almost done!  I can't believe it!  Join me tomorrow for Week 11!
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!    

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