Wednesday, November 2, 2011

So Pretty!!!!

You know that feeling when you make a card and you're finally done and sit back and look at it and are filled with joy and jubilation, and smile because it's exactly how you envisioned it or better.  Well that was my feeling with this card.  I went into it making it for a friend and had every intention of mailing it.  Well after I finished it there was that brief thought, "No way I'm mailing this card, I LOVE it toooo much"  But in the end I did mail it and fortunately she loved the card almost as much as I do :)  So it was worth it.  Share the joy-send your cards!!!  I'm really working on being a sender not a hoarder, can you relate?

I'm not even sure where to begin with this card.  I love the sponging. I LOVE the paper, it's official Beau Chateau is my FAVORITE DSP, LOVE IT!!!!!! I love the pearls and half circles on the card.  I love the vintage look of it all, I just love it!  Almost everything on this card was sponged, now that my sponges are organised, it is sooo easy to sponge everything.  I love the depth and dimension that you get with sponging.  It really changes the look of a card.

I had to send this card in a padded envelope.  There was just so much dimension on this card and it would have been smooshed if I put it in a regular envelope.  I wanted to show you a view from the top, there's lots of dimensionals and the banner is raised.  If you'd like more info or tips on sponging, I'd love to show you at your workshop!  Host a workshop now-12/15 and you could earn an additional $35 in FREE product when your workshop reaches $350!  It's a great deal and I would love for you to earn all that free product!!!  Contact me today to book your class!

Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

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Kim said...

SO GLAD you decided to part with it and mailed it!! I absolutely love it and, in fact, it's scheduled to make an appearance in my "friday friends" post this week. I was just showing it off to my downline last night. (wow .. that's weird ... I have a downline . lol) Thanks again for not "hoarding" it! I'm promise I'm showing it the proper love and respect over here! = )