Thursday, November 3, 2011


I love my new key chain, isn't it pretty!!!?!  I've been wanting to make a key chain like this for a while.  I'm normally not a big key chain person.  I don't like alot of clutter on my keys, but this idea has been in my head so long and the longer it was in there the more I loved the idea of it.  Then I saw the example on page 167 of the catalog, and thought this was the year I was going to do it for sure!  I already had a key chain that had a Stampin' Up! tag on it (one I got years and years ago at convention, maybe my first convention), so I just attached everything to that chain.  I used 2 of our Simply Adorned charms and some of our little baubles.  So pretty.  I have my initial in the small one and some pretty eye candy in the larger one.  I love it!!!   Dan isn't too thrilled with my extra girly keys now when he drives my car, but I love them!  
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

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