Tuesday, May 15, 2012

MDS....Almost Done!!!

I'm thrilled to report that as of last night I finished October in my 2011 scrapbook.  If I keep up this pace I'll be done by the weekend!  I'm so excited to see this book printed.  I've mentioned it before but before MDS I didn't scrapbook (at least not well or often) so I'm sure you can image my excitement to finally finish an entire album!!!!  The kindergarten page makes me happy.  I love it.  It's simple but fun!  I love the pictures too, especially the one of Logan and his Dad walking to school, look how big his back pack is!?!  The letters were done with punches and color filled them.  I think that was the longest part on this page.  That's probably why I love MDS so much.  I'm an instant gradification kind of girl and with traditional scrapbooking I think it takes much longer to get to the finished result. 

The next page is one from one of our park days during them suumer.  I LOVE these colors!!!  Just LOVE THEM!!!  You just might see some cards with this color scheme :)  I love the diamond border on this page and the taffeta ribbon!  So FUN!!!
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!!

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