Friday, May 25, 2012

Daddy's Book

In between working on my 2011 album, which I'm happy to say is done! Well pretty close.  I still have to make a few minor adjustments but for the most part it's done.  So this weekend I'll send that to print and this little swatchbook that I did for Dan.  The idea for this book came from, yes you guessed it, Heather Summers!  She showed an album like this and I thought how adorable would that be in a swatchbook for Father's Day!!!  So I'm sending this off to print and when it get it Logan and Megan will help finish it.  The swatch book is 26 pages, I'm just showing a few today.  This is the cover.  I kept this book very simple, I wanted the focus to be on what Logan and Megan do and not what My Digital Studio can do.   

On each page is a question for Logan and Megan to answer.  I'm thinking since Megan is 18 months old Logan will do most of the answering, but there are some pages in here just for Megan too.  Logan is just learning to spell and read so this should be fun to see what he puts down :)
Some of the other questions in the book are: What is Daddy's favorite food? What makes Daddy smile? How strong is Daddy? How do you know Daddy loves you? What is Daddy's favorite thing to do with you? I love Daddy because.... Why does Daddy love Mommy? and What's Daddy good at?
On the back of each question is either a poem, yes I wrote them and no I'm not a poet nor do I claim to be.  But they're cute and fun for the book, or there's space for Logan and Megan to draw pictures.  Some spaces are for Logan to draw some are for Megan, who's just beginning her love for crayons :)
OPPS just notices a huge spelling error on this page!  Clearly I need to go back and edit a few of the pages :)  It's supposed to say "draw a picture of you and daddy playing"  I'll get that fixed before printing :)  Though I'm a horrible speller, my biggest problem is always when I spell the wrong word correctly.  Spell check doesn't pick up on that :)
This is the back of the book.  The two of them in the park, though we did get some cute pictures of Dan playing with them at the park last weekend so maybe I'll switch it out for one of those. 
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!

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Dorian Romero said...

Ruth, I absolutely LOVE this idea and how it turned out! Great job!