Thursday, August 20, 2015

For You Jewelry Lovers

Who doesn't like things that sparkle?  Really would you trust someone who didn't like something sparkly?  Ummmm, no!  When I first saw these Iced Rhinestones in the Holiday Catalog, my first thought was a ring.  The Iced Rhinestones are really pretty, they're like a regular rhinestone but with a ring of little rhinestones circling it.  The ring was easy to make, and ring bases are easy to find at your big craft stores.  These rhinestones come in two different sizes and the largest is about half an inch in diameter.  It's a good ring size.  I used some Crystal Effects on the ring base and stuck the rhinestone on it.  Let it dry, give it plenty of time, once it's dry it's ready to wear!
After I did the ring and loved how easy it was I decided to make some matching earrings too.  Follow the same steps and you have beautiful matching earrings.  Post earring bases can be found the same place you found your ring bases.  I found it easiest to stick the post earrings in my paper piercing pad so they had the flat side up.  Leave them there to dry.  Easy, simple beautiful gifts!!!

Thanks for looking, see you soon! 

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