Monday, August 10, 2015

Hogs And Kisses

This is the final card I made from the Craft weekend a couple weeks ago.  You can read all about it here.  This card I actually made Saturday night and went to bed not happy with it.  I didn't even finish the front, I really am still not sure how I feel about it.  It was a challenge to make first and foremost, but it also didn't do what I envisioned, at least not in a simple way.  I'm sure there's a really easy way to make this card and I'm missing it.  Perhaps I'll come back to it sometime and work with it some more.  For now it is what it is, and it IS a cute card!
There's a pull tab and when you pull it the little piggy slides and the greeting "Hogs and Kisses" is revealed.....keep pulling though..... 
And another little piggy (that was stamped using this technique I shared here) appears.  The challenge for this card was I wanted the pig behind to be hidden until the slider was pulled out, everything I tried, failed.  I realized that what I needed was some kind of 'shutter' card.  So that's what I ended up creating.  The shutter or the two pieces of cardstock that open up into a V are attached with a mini brad under the first pig.  To get them to open up into that V I trimmed the edges so they were at a point and I trimmed a dimensional into a triangle shape and put it right on the edge where it needs to open.  On one hand that fact that this was even made after a couple drinks and it being really late is pretty amazing by itself!  And, this slidding, shutter card would have been something I never would have even attempted years ago.  So I consider both of those positive accomplishments.  The card though cute and imaginative, isn't without it's issues, for example when you push the slider back the shutter pieces don't close by themselves you have to help it along.  This will be a card that I'll, (time permitting), love to go back and recreate and perfect.  There you have it!  I will note that I do think this card is adorable and perhaps it didn't turn out as expected in my head, but still so cute! 
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!!

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