Thursday, August 13, 2015

I'm Batman

I'm still on a little superhero theme from the last craft weekend.  When I returned home and had put everything back where it belonged.  I decided to make a card for Kim, she was going through a really rough time during craft weekend.  I'm so glad she was there but I know it wasn't easy.  I decided to send her a little card just to send a little encouragement and a smile.  I knew in my head what I wanted Batman and Robin somehow on my card.  I did a little investigating on Pintrest and found an Etsy seller that makes printed cards similar to this.  How cute are these!!!?!  Oh my goodness!!! Cutest people ever!!!!  The people are just strips of scrap cardstock.  So quick and easy!!!  I think the only punches I used where a heart punch for the eyes, a small circle for the smiles and an oval punch for the bat logo.  I then hand cut the logo from the oval.  Then I just printed the greeting on some white cardstock on my printer.  This is a trifold card so when you open up the first panel......

......Here's the inside.  That opens up again and you have LOTS of space to write a message.  This is really easy to do, to make a full sized trifold card. I used 2 sheets of 4.25x11 each scored at 5.5.  You just overlap 2 sides and the card folds up in to a trifold.  Very cute!!!  I hope Kim loved this card and that it brought a smile to her face.
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

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Kim said...

It definitely did the trick! I smiled when I read it and I keep it in my office now so that it makes me smile often when I'm at work. I was gonna try to object and insist that I'M Batman in this relationship, but since I'm totally your stalker, I decided my argument wouldn't hold up in court. Thanks for being a good friend! (and stalkee)