Friday, August 29, 2014

I Got Nothin'

Sorry, I got nothin'.  No project today.  I've got lots of excuses but no projects. 

I've been working on lots of new plans, ideas and projects for my blog, lots of changes coming, some you'll see sooner than others.  Some changes will be bigger than others.  But it all takes planning and figuring out how and what exactly I can commit to.  More on all of the upcoming (good) changes soon!

Plus, I've been gone from my stamping room all week.  Not even a moment to pick up some ink and stamp.  Here's how my week has gone, I'm the director of the art gallery at our church, this week an old show was taken down and a new one going up.  Taking down isn't the hard part, it's the putting up that consumes my days.  It's a lot of work, thankfully we only do it every 3 months :)  It's a lovely show this quarter though, if you're local head down to St. John's Cathedral, 318 Silver SW during business hours and check it out.  There's lots of great, affordable art!   

Because I'm a genius (not!) I scheduled Logan's 8 year well child check up this week--seriously!!  I don't have enough going on!?!  And Megan had her open house this week, which as a board member I couldn't miss.  So it's been, shall we say, slightly chaotic this week!  I had hoped to stamp yesterday afternoon, but I spent most of the afternoon watching silly kid shows with the kids while trying to fight off a cold.  I've felt a little off all week, blamed it on allergies from all the new stuff that's growing thanks to New Mexico's recent rainfall and being sleep deprived from the gallery work (none of which helped I'm sure!).  Thursday morning I woke up feeling icky...I couldn't blame it on allergies anymore.  I spent most of the day trying to get rid of this bug before it got worse or before it spread! 

Hopefully I'll be back with it on Monday (can't promise anything!) and have a fun project for you in the meantime our Holiday Catalog went live yesterday.  In all my gallery hustle and bustle I lost track of dates.  You can check out the catalog here, or just head to my website to start shopping
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

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