Monday, August 4, 2014

Crafting Request

I have a different kind of project for you today.  It turned out much cuter than I thought it would, I'm totally loving the final result.  But let's get to the back story and how this started.  Dan texted me one day last week from work and said his co worker Scott had a crafting question.  Well bring it on!!! He wanted to make a frame for his wife with a picture of their son in it.  Now the question ended up being more of a request for me to do it, rather than a how to question for him to do it.  No problem, I was happy to help.  I asked Dan to have him write down exactly what he wanted done so that the instructions wouldn't get lost in translation.  So Friday, Dan brought home the frame and the instructions on a post it note.  The instructions read, "LOVE YOU MOM!"  That's it!!!??!  No color requests, nothing!!!  Dan said that I had creative freedom.  Well that doesn't help me when it's not my finished project!  What if they hate it???  What if my visions are not theirs??!!  So after many, many different trials of what to do, where to put it, etc.  This is what was done.  I covered up their son's face with a post it for this picture mostly because I don't think Scott knew this would get posted on my blog and I didn't want to upset him about posting the picture of his son.  Plus this post is more about the frame.  I did pull in the orange and blue from his shirt for the letters colors.  I used the new alphabet framelits.  I. LOVE. THEM!!!  I had just unpacked it from my most recent order just hours before Dan brought the frame home.  Worked out perfectly!!!! 
I asked Dan if he knew what their son liked to play with.  Dan said cars, like all little boys I suppose.  So I made a sweet little car.  Looks like a VW Bug :)  I used Marina Mist and lightly sponged it in Smoky Slate.  The car is circle punches, most of them are cut in half.  I used the 1 3/8" for the body of the car, the 1 1/4" for the windows, the 1" for the wheel bases, the 3/4" for the tires and the 1/2" for the hub caps.    But really you could modify this car to be any size by changing up the size circles you use.  It's so sweet and super cute in person.  Dan's taking the frame to work today to give it to Scott.  I hope he likes it!!  More importantly, I hope the Mom likes it! 
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

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