Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Blendabilies Meets Megan

Well, meets Megan's hair anyway! :)  It's day 2 of our week of Blendabilities.  I'm teaming up with my friend Kim and we're sharing tons of Blendabilities tips and projects this week.  When you're done here check out her blog for more ideas!!  Today I have a project that I thought about for 2 days before making it.  I love this sweet hair clip, pictured in Megan's (my 3 year olds) curly, blonde locks.  I use my Rich Razzleberry Blendabilities and I love how it starts light in the center and gets darker!!!  To make this bow I pulled out my leftover Satin Ribbon from my July Paper Pumpkin Kit (Yay! Paper Pumpkin!!!!).  I cut about 18 inches of ribbon, it might have been less, I didn't measure so I really have no idea :)  I was probably close to 18 inches though.  I started with my lightest shade and started coloring the ribbon.  I was shocked how easy it went on the ribbon!!  Amazing!!!!!  I moved to my medium shade, then my darkest shade blending them as I went.
I was sure that I'd have to wait a while for them to dry, NOPE!  They dried so quickly, they're alcohol markers so I guess when you think about it, alcohol does dry quickly.  To finish the flower I folded the ribbon in half long ways and then took a needle and thread and sewed the long ends together.  So basically I was left with an 18 inch piece of colored ribbon folded in half and sewed together.  The reason I wanted to sew it was because I wanted that clean folded edge on the outside.  Plus when you sew it together it and pull the thread it scrunches up the ribbon giving it that fun wavy look!  Then I just pulled out my trusty glue gun and started gluing it, a little at a time in a spiral.  To finish I used a blob of hot glue and a hair clip and stuck it on the clip.  Add a button, if you want.  DONE!!!  So pretty, so cute!!!  I love it!!!!  I can easily make a dozen of them, one in every color of Blendabilities!! 
Now it's time to head over to Kim's blog and see what she has in store for you today! Make sure to check back here tomorrow for another Blendabilities inspired project. Don't forget to shop now for your Blendabilities!!!
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

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