Monday, March 7, 2016

Stump Ruth???

New at the Disney weekend was a Stump Ruth Jar.  I'm not even sure who's original idea this was, maybe mine? I just remember talking about it in January as kind of a joke, not thinking anyone would really participate.  But we had a jar on my table, you could put in $1 and a card suggestion.  I randomly choose suggestions all through out the weekend and did my best to create what was on the paper.  I couldn't believe how many people put suggestions in!  I felt horrible that I couldn't get to all of them either!  I saved all the ones I didn't get to and who knows maybe I'll continue to work on them and mail them off as I finish them :)  The very first suggestion put in, when my jar was empty was 'Denver Broncos'.  We're a Bronco family so this was something I was very familiar with.  I knew I could figure something out.  I was happy to get a challenge where I can work with a team that had complex logos and colors, unlike some other Dallas for one, where all I would have to do is make a silver star and stick to a blue card and call it a day.  Thankfully this is a lot cuter :)  I searched Pintrest for football punch art and there was a little football bear that popped up.  It is a little weird that I made a bear into a Bronco but it's pretty cute so it's ok!  Of course he's in Bronco colors and is sporting the number 18 on his jersey (It's Peyton Manning's number).  My original intention for these challenge cards was to make 2 of everyone.....that's didn't happen, though I do have the pieces for this bear punched out, they just need to be assembled.  His head, ears, eyes and nose are made of of different circles and his body, legs and arms are ovals.  Depending on the sizes you use will depend on how big your bear is.  I have lots more challenge cards to share with you this week! 

Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!!

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Bobbi Miller said...

Shut the front door! This little guy is amazing! I think this is Peyton Manning quality, and you should send it to the Broncos Team, so they can send it to Peyton. You could write a note saying it's a gift for his retirement. It's just DARLING! you are SO good at this! Love it.