Friday, March 4, 2016

Disney Weekend Wrap Up

I'm honestly not even sure where to start!  Even though I knew going into this weekend what to expect I was still excited and overjoyed to be showered so generously with gifts!  This isn't even everything I came home with!  There's a couple of things that missed getting in the picture that I didn't realize until too late, I'll have to share those later.  These are all the gifts, all the make and takes, prizes, etc!  
There's so much to go over, there's a balloon punch, rhinestones, bakers twine, washi tape, glitter!  So much love went into everything here!  Michelle always asks her downline to help make a few things for the weekend.  They made tags, and bags so we had stuff to put all our gifts in!   
I've mentioned before that I was fortunate enough to be part of the planning of this weekend more than any other weekend.  I was fully blown away by Michelle's commitment to making sure every detail is taken care of, nothing is over looked and everyone has a great time.  This truly is Michell's gift.  Oh and her organization for the weekends is out of this world!  She was printing and emailing me spread sheets and ideas, far more elaborate then I ever could have imagined.  Or that I would ever be capable of on my own.  She started doing these weekends with just a couple friends and it's turned into this!  Her weekends now sell out in days!  I'm just so fortunate and blessed to be able to help out and do what I can!  She's sets an amazing example for everyone, not just when it comes to crafting but how to live your life.      
She's mentioned before that one of the reasons she started these weekends was because she never had a birthday party as a kid.  I thought this weekend would be the best time to surprise her with some birthday surprises.  Our pajama party on Saturday night was 'The Mad Hatter Very Merry Un-Birthday Party' I did that on purpose!  But before we even got to the PJ party we surprised her Saturday morning by filling her table with crafty gifts.  I sent an email before the weekend and let people know what we would be doing and if that wanted to bring some crafty gifts to bring them and get them to me on Friday.  I had help from my good friend Kim to set everything up Saturday morning before she came into the room.  She was so surprised and touched we made her cry...ooops, not my intention!  They were happy tears!  
She thought that was it, not knowing we had more surprises in store for her at the pajama party.  We surprised her with a cake and sang 'Happy Un-Birthday' to her :)  
We made her cry again!  I promised not to make her cry at the next weekend :)  I think everyone there was more than happy to get the chance to shower her with love!  I've always known how much work she puts into these weekends, she does it because she loves doing it. It's her gift and we're all just fortunate enough to be on the receiving end.  While I helped with a few suggestions and projects, this weekend was a success all thanks to Michelle.  Her generosity and kind heart make everyone in that room feel special and loved.  On behalf of the other attendees of the Disney Magical Express Weekend, Michelle we love you and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  You're amazing and I still don't know how you do it all!  Thanks for letting me help!  So Michelle, I hope you're not in tears again but you deserved it all and so much more than we could have given!!  I promise NOW to stop making you cry.  Sorry, but not really :)

Next week I start sharing all the crafts I made including something new we did this weekend, called 'Stump Ruth'....don't miss next week! 

Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

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