Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Little Cooler

When I'm bored or just playing on my phone or tablet I like to browse through etsy and look for cards with silly puns.  When I find a pun I like I write it in a notebook that keep and then when craft weekend comes along I have a whole notebook full of puns.  This is one of those puns, and it's sooooo cute and soooooo easy, scraps of cardstock is all you need!  That cooler is tiny, but you can make your cooler any size or color.  If you have any puns you'd like to see in a card send them to me.  I've never met a pun I didn't like :)

Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!! 

1 comment:

Carolee said...

I love your "little cooler" card! Very clever. Thanks for sharing.