Wednesday, March 16, 2016


I'll get back to my craft weekend projects soon.  I wanted to share some other stuff I've been working on too.  At the beginning of the year Shannon West who works at the Stampin' Up! home office started a HUGE movement and I'm so excited to be on board!  She's bringing birthdays back in a big way!  You can read about her movement here.   She's basically sending a birthday card to anyone who wants one!  I thought it was a great idea and I wanted in!  I offered the same thing to my friends, anyone who wanted a card is getting one!  Three months in, I'm happy to report I"m still on schedule.  March was my biggest far! 
I've been making lots of birthday cards for the cause.  I even made the Build a Birthday set my March Stamp Set of the Month!  Order this stamp set this month and get the supplies to make these three cards!  They're really cute and a great way to get started on the #imbringingbirthdaysback movement too!  But wait there's more!  
You can get the exclusive #imbringingbirthdaysback stamp to add to your cards and envelopes here!  Shannon West carved this stamp and Stampin' Up! made it happen for the rest of us!  YAY!!!!!  I'm doing my part and I love that I'm actually mailing my cards!!!  PLUS I'm so excited to mail birthday cards that I'm also mailing thank you, thinking of you and more!  You don't have to go as far as Shannon's 1,000+ name spread sheet of birthdays but make a commitment to send a few birthday cards this year.  Join the movement today and bring birthdays back! 

Thanks for looking, see you soon!

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