Monday, March 21, 2016

Cards That Move

I had a class a couple weeks ago featuring cards that move!  This was a really fun class.  I had fun coming up with the samples.  They're a little more involved than my other classes but I think these cards are worth it!  I CASEd a few of them.  I'm good at finding the most challenging way to make a card and for cards that have moving bits I didn't want to make them the hardest way possible, which I often do.  
This fun sliding, hidden message birthday card was inspired by this card by Anna Keyes that I saw on YouTube.  It's actually really easy to make and once you make one you'll make a hundred!   
 This tea card looks unsuspecting from the front.......
But as you open it a little tea cup slides up from a hidden pocket!!!  I thought this card was so cool and I can't wait to make more.  These would be so much fun for a kids birthday!
This card was inspired by this card by Dena Rekow

This card is probably my favorite.  If you pull the bakers twine on the flower it spins!  SPINS!!!!  That's really cool!!!!  When I saw this card here by Connie Stewart.  I HAD to make it!  It was pretty easy and sooooo much fun!!  Think of all the fun things you can make spin on your cards!!! 

Finally this card, so cute!!  This is the only one that I didn't CASE.  I've made a few of these cards before and they're much fun!!!  It's another spinning card but instead of spinning on the front of your card it spins in the center of your card.  All you need is a symetrical image, you'll need two, a front and a back.  You need at least two layers of paper to sandwich your thread in, that's it!  Sandwich your thread in the center of whatever shape you've cut out in the center of your card (a circle in this case).  Attach your two images on it and watch it spin! 

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