Thursday, December 22, 2011

Day 3...

Yesterday I said that Dan's birthday card made my top 12, here it is.  From my June 7 post.  I still love this card and it makes me so happy to look at it.  Make sure you click back to the original post for this card to see all the pictures.  When the card is closed you only see the 'Daddy' bear.  It isn't until you open it that you get the two cute kid and baby bear!  SO CUTE!!!!!!  I think this one is my FAVORITE of the whole year!!! 
This one from August 18 is another one that simple but stunning!!!!    I love this stamp set and the Poppy Parade and Calypso Coral color combo is still a favorite of mine. Poppy Parade has made it to my favorite red.  I don't use red a whole lot, but when I do I usually grab for Poppy Parade. 

The last one for today is the perfect fall card.  I love this card from August 10.   I love the colors on the leaves,  I love the speckled background from the color spritzer I love the rough edges, I just love it all!!!  Only one day left of my top 12 cards of 2011.  Join me tomorrow as we finish it up!   
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I love Dan's card! SO CUTE! ... Also, I've been stalking your blog for ... what? .... about at least 4-5 months now? .... and EVERY morning when I go to check it, I STILL go to Google and type in "Ruth Norton Stampin" to find it ...... think it's time to bookmark you? = ) ... Your #1 stalker fan.