Friday, December 2, 2011

A Quick Calendar

Hello blog land!  If you're in New Mexico I hope you're still there and the wind didn't take you away.  We had horrible winds yesterday-so crazy!!!!  It began as a strange day anyway, when I got to Logan's school to drop him off, we were greeting with the school evacuating to the field next to the school.  Then fire trucks showed up and we waited for about 45 minutes in the field in the wind and cold.  BRRRRRR!!!  But the fire department cleared the school, I guess something just got a little 'over done' in the cafeteria.  Everything was fine and Logan went to school.  Then we got his school pictures back in the afternoon, only to find that we were missing 2 pages of pictures, GRRRRRR!  Hopefully the school can find them or reorder them for us.  They're expensive and we did pay for them, so I want them all.  But in the meantime, it's the weekend.  We're expecting snow, but I'm not a snow girl, so while everyone else is expecting it I'm secretly hoping it doesn't snow.  Plus I have a Christmas Gift Card Class tomorrow, I'm really looking forward to it!  Anyway I have a couple quick pages to show you from the desktop calendar I made for Dan for Christmas.  The calendar is to Dan from the kids. 

It's just a little something that he can take to work and keep on his desk and every month there's different pictures of the kids.  The pages are all the same, pictures on the bottom and calendar on the top.  This calendar came together in about an hour on Saturday.  MDS is so quick and easy!!!  There's no special tricks or techniques on the pages, but they're cute and I hope Dan enjoys it come Christmas Day.  Here's hoping the school can find our missing pictures and that we don't get snow :)  
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!!

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