Monday, December 19, 2011

Party Pictures!!!

Our downline Christmas party was last week.  We've had it for years and this year was one of the best.  EVERYONE had fantastic gifts.  I was so amazed and inspired by what everyone did!  I can't wait to reproduce some of them myself!!!  Here's the highlights from the party!!!

 Here we all are before the gift opening! 

 Look at all those wonderful gifts!!!!  I'll show the pictures of the person with the gift they made. 

 Nichole made these mugs and this fantastic box.  The box was so fantastic! Decorated with our fabric.  The mugs were decorated with the decor elements and each mug had a special tag and tea in it.  So cute!!!

 Michelle C made this adorable frame.  It would look great in any craft or sewing room.  She used the fabric to make a small quilt, put it in the back of the shadow box and then filled up the rest of the shadow box with thread and scissors and other cute little things.  Soooo cute!!!

 Martha made this wonderful table runner.   I was fortunate enough to be able to take it home with me!!!It's so beautiful and there's so much detail that the picture doesn't show.  I'm so lucky!!!!!

 Amber made these beautiful earings and necklace.  I did have a picture with Amber too, but I wanted to show the jewelry so I thought I'd just show a close up.  She used some of our DSP (yep that's new DSP in the new mini).  They're so pretty!!!!

 This is Stephanie's gift and it was a huge hit!!!  It's a stamping advent calendar for the 12 days of Christmas!!!  In each box is a stamping accessory; twine, buttons, sticky strip, etc.  AMAZING!!!! 

Mindy did this menu board, which I think is such a fantastic idea-especially for me- I need to work on my organizational skills.  On her board is a place to put the menu for every day, plus store extra favorite meals, plus a shopping list!!!  Great idea!!!

 Liz L made this wonderful collection of items.  There was an apron, coasters, and a wallet all stamped with the Inspired by Nature stamp.  I LOVE that stamp!!!  It was so beautiful!!! 

 Michelle G made this over the top adorable little piggy.  I forgot what he was filled with by you can put him in the microwave and warm him up then use him to keep warm.  He's so so so so so cute!!!  Amber got to keep him, I did lean over and tell Amber that if I had gone after her I would have stolen this gift!  I love it!!!

 Kay made this prayer box.  It's such a wonderful and inspirational gift!  Inside the box are verses and other inspirational sayings and quotes.  And with the gift is a promise from Kay to pray for the recipient of this gift everyday, good days and bad.  Such an inspiring gift! 

Finally, Angela's gift.  She couldn't be at the meeting but sent her gift anyway.  I LOVE IT!!!!  They're little travel bags made with our fabric and some black mesh!  They're beautiful.  The flower on top is a pin that you can remove and wear or put on a purse or bag.  So cute and creative!!!

Great job ladies!!!  I'm so excited to be part of this group.  Don't you agree they're some of the most creative ladies around!?!!?  The next few days I'm going to share with you my favorite post/projects from the past year.  I'm really excited to look back over the year and share my top 12!  I hope you join me!!!

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