Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A My Digital Studio Christmas!

Yep we defiantly had a My Digital Studio Christmas!  As I was going to bed on Christmas Day and reflecting on what had happened that day, it occurred to me that next to the Disney Store :) most of our Christmas gifts that we gave were from My Digital Studio!  Yay!!!  Here's a few gifts that I gave.  My Mom and I both received a journal (Dan gave it to me after I handed it to him and said 'please wrap for me for Christmas') :)  I love this journal.  First of all it's pink!  It's so pretty in person.  I plan on taking mine to Leadership in January.  I'm hoping to get some fun bookmarks made by then too. 
Lots of our family received a wall calendar with Logan and Megan's pictures. Here's the cover.  Every month I'll share the picture for that month.  This calendar is so nice and with the new calendar feature in My Digital Studio it's so easy to make your own personalized calendar.  Dan also got a desktop calendar (so did a couple other friends).  He's going to take it to work for his desk there.  All in all I think the final count of MDS gifts given from us this year is 8 calendars and journals.  What a great gift!
Finally here's some pictures of Christmas Eve and Christmas morning at our house.  This page was super quick.  I used one of the templates that SU has for scrapbook pages, so I literally just added pictures, background paper and a few accessories.  EASY!!!!  I added stitching around each picture and a little banner on the bottom of the page.  My favorite picture is the one of Megan on the bottom right.  She had just opened a brand new Cinderella doll from her stocking.  It's such a cute picture!

Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

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