Friday, December 30, 2011

Cherry Scented

When I first saw that there would be scented embossing powders in the Occassions Mini, well I was just so super excited.  So I couldn't wait to try it.  Now a month later here I am trying it.....finally.  It's very cool and it really does smell like cherries.  It's very cool.  I embossed the En Francais with the Cherry embossing powder.  This is an Anniversary card for my parents whose anniversary is today.   

The cherry is also new in the mini catalog.  I really like the way it stamped and it was a complete accident!  I used my Garden Green, Soft Sued and Cherry Cobbler markers to color it and then set it aside (I was making chex mix and the timer went off) :)  So when I returned I lightly went over the cherries again with the marker but very lightly.  Then I huffed and stamped.  I ended up with a fun marble look.  I'm sure I'll NEVER be able to recreate it but it's really cool this time :) 
Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

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