Monday, December 26, 2011

A Pretty Box

I hope you had a great Christmas. We had a lovely quiet little Christmas.  I'm hoping to have some My Digital Studio pages done in the next few days.  We did get some pretty cute pictures of the kids.  They seemed to have a good time.  I'm going to hit some after Christmas sales today, what about you?  Anyway on to the project.  I'm so excited to show you this project for 2 reasons.  1) It's super cute and shows some new fabric and 2) I think I'm finally on the right track to permanent organization!  Yay!!!!!!  First the box, this is the card keeper box from the mini catalog.  It's super easy to put together and super easy to decorate.  I used some of the new fabric from the upcoming Occasions Mini Catalog.  I kept the decorating really simple.  I only decorated the top!  Simple and EASY!

For the lid I just covered the top in the adorable Twiterpated fabric!  LOVE IT!!!!  I added a flower and a knob that I got at a home improvement store.  It's super cute! Now for the organization part.  I spent a good majority of last week (when I wasn't baking) cleaning my stamp room from top to bottom.  The closet, the shelves the cabinets, EVERYTHING!  It was long overdue!  BUT I think I have everything super organized and I'm hoping this will help with more stamp time, more productive stamp time and of course more projects to show you!  I WILL do more videos, I promise. After my last one I ran into a couple of problems.  1) I need a new memory card.  The one I have isn't large enough and will only take videos that are a couple minutes long and 2) Finding quiet time to do it now that Logan is off from school for another 10 days is complicated!  Once Logan goes back to school I'll be able to get the videos going again :)  It's a stamping resolution for the new year!

Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!

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Mary said...

cute! I've made one of the boxes (using Mocha Morning dsp), and have another to do. I found my lid was really tight. Was your lid tight when you used the fabric? I like your idea about the knob. Does it make it easier to remove the lid?