Thursday, December 29, 2011

Mark My Place

I'm a little late this morning, I know. I had planned to do my post yesterday but blogger wouldn't let me upload any pictures.  So I tried again today and success!!!  As a demonstrator we get monthly issues of Stampin' Success a demonstrator only magazine. Well it's full of great ideas.  A few months ago this bookmark was one of the ideas in it.  I've created a few of them but this one is my favorite.  I'm not going to go into too many details, I found that Dawn made a wonderful video of it here.  Dawn makes it look so easy!  If I tried to explain it here I think I'd just confuse you :)  I attached it to the journal I told you about in this post.

I'm completely obsessed with making these flowers!!!  They're my favorite flowers to make of all time and they're sooooo easy!!!  I thought of a project just this morning that I can add another flower too.  Seriously it's an addiction!  This one is for me I still need to make a bookmark for my Mom's journal.  I put some pearls on the antique brad, then to make sure the pearls don't go anywhere I brushed the top with Crystal Effects.  Not only will that ensure that the pearls will stay put but it gives it a nice glossy finish.

Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!

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