Monday, October 24, 2016

Envelope Punch Board Christmas Friends

These boxes were a big hit at my class last week, and why wouldn't they be, they're so stinkin' cute!!!!! I made 30 of them in one afternoon, with a little help from my 10 year old.  He did all the punching and all the Santa belts.  The reindeer was the most popular, I think he's pretty cute too!  Together all three of them are just over the top cute!!!!  I made all the boxes with the envelope punch board!!!!  You guys this is a tool you need!!  You might not use it everyday, but sometimes, yes sometimes and idea like this will strike and you'll need it!!!  
Inside each box was a little individual pack of Milano cookies, I love these, you guys! Just the regular ones, not the weird flavored ones, seriously stop messing with stuff that works!  To make these guys or any boxes of this size grab your Envelope Punch Board and a piece of cardstock that's 7" square.  You'll punch and score twice on each side.  You're first punch and score line is at 1 7/8" and your second is at 3 3/4".  Follow the directions on your punch board by lining up the notch with the score line, and punch and score on both lines all the way around.  Cut the tabs and assemble like a box.  The tops on mine are cut off so it's open on top but you could always fold it down too if you wanted to keep your treat a surprise!  It's that easy!!!!  So much fun and so cute!!!!!  The finished box is about 2 1/8" x 4 1/8".   

Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

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