Wednesday, September 14, 2016

To Shaker? Or Not To Shaker?

Of course I'm a fan of all shaker cards, seriously I actually have a notebook of shaker cards I want to make with all kinds of different shaker bits ("shaker bits" is a technical term I invented to mean the stuff you put inside to shake around your shaker card......wonder how many times I'll say shake or shaker........).  This one I fill with mica flakes.  You guys the mica flakes are really pretty, but if you're like my husband and don't like glitter probably won't like the mica flakes.  While I loved them, I could see my husband having tiny breakdowns in the corner with the mess I was making LOL!!!
I do love that it looks like snow and is shiny, sparkly and when it shakes around it's so much fun!!! my son pointed out, "it covers too much of the train"  Here's the thing with 10 year old boys, they're really good at pointing out problems with everything.  So lucky for him though I was prepared with another card, do you think he liked this one better........
You can defiantly see more of the train, but in his words......'the greeting is in the way' {facepalm} Seriously? From now on I'm going to my 5 year old for all my opinions on my cards, PS she liked the shaker one better!  Your turn!  I want to know which you think is the better one, is there a better one?  They're both lovely in their own way.  
Just comment below do you like the shaker train card or just the watercolored one?  I love them both! There's no wrong answer here! In case anyone was wondering, I didn't ask my husbands thoughts on the cards, I could tell by his aversion to the mica flakes he wasn't going to pick the shaker card, even though they're nicely contained.  LOL!

PS I said shake or shaker 12 times, if you keeping track ;)

Thanks for looking, see you soon!

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Diana said...

Shaker. I have to CASE this for someone who loves trains. Thank you.