Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Parade Of Mice

Did you ever make a card that took forever, but turned out perfectly?  That's this card. Now from the front it doesn't look like much, sure there's lots of gold sparkle and a cute little mouse but there's got to more right.....
Oh there is! Lots more.  This card is actually 2 cards glued back to back, so when you first open it there's another panel in there to open, but there's mice parading across the bottom of every page on this card.  
 It's so long I can barely get it in the picture.  This is essentially a one layer card.  There' not too many embellishments on the front and the inside is just stamps and ink. 
The stamping and coloring took the longest for this card.  I wanted the mice all lined up perfectly, I wanted them all colored beautifully, so to get it all done right took a while.  I used my stamp a ma jig to line it all up and I colored with my aqua painter and ink pads.  The card base it on shimmer white cardstock so it can handle a little bit of water, not a ton, but these are pretty small mice so it worked well.  It's such a cute card!!!!

Thanks for looking, see you soon!!!!

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